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Deadpool 2 Movie & Cast Continues To Take Shots At DCEU

Deadpool 2 trio poster/ 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2 Movie & Cast Continues To Take Shots At DCEU

It’s fair to say that the team behind Deadpool 2 marketing has decided to use the Merc with a mouth’s dark humor to gain the spotlight by mocking other movies from the superhero genre. But it looks like it extends beyond that for Warner Bros. DCEU.

Lately, the DC Extended Universe has received a round of bashing from the cast of Deadpool 2 as well. What began with a jab aimed at the Warner Bros. Justice League over its CGI mustache controversy revolving around the Man of Steel character has now become a continued mockery.

Recently, a clip from the movie was aired on GMA which showed the Merc with a mouth mocking the ‘Martha’ scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans can check out the video below.

A similar type of jab was first initiated by the writers over at Marvel in one of the Deadpool comics. It could have been the inspiration for the upcoming sequel.

Adding to that, Deadpool 2’s Cable actor Josh Brolin also got his turn in bashing the DCEU on Graham Norton’s show and during another interview.

During the talk show, in an exchange of dialogues between Ryan Reynolds and Brolin, the Cable actor got his opportunity to take a shot at Green Lantern.

I just cannot wrap my head around you sitting and watching The Proposal,” Reynolds said. “Not at all. I can see you watching it and just being like ‘f*** this guy‘.”

No, I felt that when I saw Green Lantern,” said Brolin. Video can be found below.

The next jab seems to have once again come from Brolin himself During a recent press conference. According to Digital Spy, when the actor was asked to describe the difference between DC & Marvel, he had this to say:

Total failure and massive success.”

Fans who have already had the opportunity to catch the movie during the early screening have also revealed that there are several references to the DCEU and MCU. Moreover, there also seems to be a reference to the extended universe in the mid-credit scenes as well.

By far, the jabs seem to have been taken on a lighter note by DCEU fans. However, we cannot deny that there’s some truth in the jabs and mockery aimed at DCEU.

The DC film universe has continued to stumble as its recent ensemble movie Justice League failed in appealing to the masses as well as many critics and had the lowest box office earning out of all its previous movies from the extended universe.

Perhaps, the future of DCEU may change its course of success with movies such as Aquaman and Shazam! restoring some hope among fans.

Source: GMA, Graham Norton ShowDigital Spy




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