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‘Deadpool 2’: New Set Photos Confirm Existence Of Mutant Division, Details

‘Deadpool 2’: New Set Photos Confirm Existence Of Mutant Division, Details

Since Fox began filming Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, photos and videos from the set have revealed the movie crew filming a stunt scene using a massive heavy military vehicle. Finally, a new set photo shines some light on the vehicle and explains a bit about the mission in hand.

Twitter user Animal recently shared a close-up shot of the DMC military vehicle used on Deadpool 2 set. The printed text on the vehicle reveals that it is a government property belonging to ‘Mutant Division’. Readers can take a look at it below.

In Marvel Universe, an organization called the Mutant Response Division a.k.a M.R.D came in formation to hunt down and capture dangerous mutants. It was also the group responsible for creating the Sentinels thanks to Dr. Bolivar Trask and other scientists.

Fox’s X-Men movies have continued to embrace the existence of mutant hunters and experimenters. X-Men: Days of Future and Past also introduced Dr. Bolivar Trask (played by Peter Dinklage). It would be interesting to see Deadpool take them on along with Domino and Cable in an R-Rated setting.

Another set photo shared by the same user prior reveals a soldier standing close to the DMC vehicle. Going by the character’s military attire, it looks quite similar to the suit worn by the MRD in the comics.

If the existence of MRD in Deadpool 2 is true, this brings the Merc with a mouth closer to the X-Men. Furthermore, going by earlier set photos and video clips, it seems like Domino and Cable are attempting to free one or a couple of mutants captured by the MRD and being transported in the DMC vehicle.

Deadpool 2 hits theatres on June 1st. 2018. The film’s production is ongoing in Vancouver.

Source: Twitter

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