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Deadpool 2 Originally Explored Versions Of Vanessa Breaking Up With Wade

Still of Vanessa from Deadpool 2/ 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2 Originally Explored Versions Of Vanessa Breaking Up With Wade

Ryan Reynolds-starrer Deadpool 2 performed quite well at the global box office raking in more than $705 million. The first Deadpool film heavily focused on Wade Wilson’s love life and ended with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) accepting Wade’s new appearance and powers and the two are reunited. But the sequel gave audiences a big shock with Vanessa getting killed early on in the movie.

Deadpool 2’s digital release includes an audio commentary by director David Leitch which reveals that the makers initially had alternate ideas for Vanessa. He confirmed that they didn’t originally plan to kill the character in the movie, instead show her breaking up with Wilson.

We had versions where they broke up and she left him – instead of dying,” Leitch says in the commentary.

However, finally, the makers felt that Vanessa’ death was the only working option that gave Deadpool the emotional arc they were looking for. Notably, the character’s death was important to set Wade on his path in Deadpool 2 that leads to the entire plot of the sequel.

Thankfully, Vanessa is saved in the Deadpool 2 end-credits scene due to the nature of time travel in the film. Well, there’s a twist again. Vanessa resurrection in the end wasn’t what the makers originally planned.

In a previous interview with CBR, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese revealed that they originally wanted to permanently kill Vanessa resulting in a much darker Deadpool 2. However, they eventually changed their minds.

We originally did not save her,” Reese said. “It was interesting — we thought we might have to save her with the time machine because the audience would be mad at us, but they were accepting of her being dead.”

Well, now that Vanessa is back again back from the dead, audiences can expect to see her once again in Deadpool 3, if it ever gets made. A recent report provided an update on the threequel and its new filming location.

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