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‘Deadpool 2’: Stunt Doubles Perform Chasing Action Scenes And More

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‘Deadpool 2’: Stunt Doubles Perform Chasing Action Scenes And More

The Deadpool 2 film crew are back on the streets of Vancouver filming mysterious action scenes for the sequel project. Recently, fans in Downtown were able to capture videos of stunt doubles performing some risky sequences.

One video clip reveals the Merc with a mouth riding what seems like a Vespa. Clearly, it wasn’t Ryan Reynolds instead his stunt doubles wheeling the bike and doing a chase sequence. Check it out below.

Josh Brolin’s stunt double was also spotted running after a vehicle on set. It looks like Cable was also going after the DMC vehicle that was earlier revealed to be a military transport that belongs to the Mutant Division organization.

The film crew has been filming this chase scene for over a month. Going by the sheer amount of time they have spent producing this sequence, it would definitely be a visual treat for the fans. Furthermore, it looks like Deadpool, Domino and Cable are all involved in this action scene.

Earlier, Domino was spotted driving a Vespa as well. But the superhero’s stunt double also rode a superbike. Going by all the clips uploaded by fans by far, it is likely that the Merc with a mouth and his super buddies are attempting to free some mutants captured and held inside the DMC vehicle.

As dangerous the chase scenes are, it also seems to have some humorous instances to put a big smile on the moviegoers. As expected, the film seems to contain both humor and its R-rated approach.

Deadpool 2 hits the big screen next year on June 1st. The main villain of the film is yet to be revealed. However, it looks like the Mutant hunting group will play a part in bringing chaos to Deadpool and his team.

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