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Deadpool 2 Writer Assures Spin-off Film ‘X-Force’ Will Be R-Rated, Details

Still from Deadpool 2 Trailer/ Fox

Deadpool 2 Writer Assures Spin-off Film ‘X-Force’ Will Be R-Rated, Details

While Deadpool 2 is just releasing in theatres today, a lot of information about 21st Century Fox’s X-Force movie has already started making rounds on the internet. Deadpool and Logan’s success at the global box office has proven that even R-rated superhero films are very popular among audiences.

Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese is claiming that the Deadpool 2 spinoff movie, X-Force, will also be an R-rated film. The film will see the Merc with a Mouth function in an ensemble with some other Marvel characters.

During a recent interview with CBR’s Albert Ching, Reese confirmed that X-Force will be raunchier than Deadpool 2.

I think the fun part of X-Force is they’re much more morally flexible than the X-Men,” the Deadpool writer said. “They can get their hands dirty a little bit. There’s more grey area. It’ll be raunchier, it’ll be rated R, I’m sure. We’ll get to see an ensemble movie that’s pushed, hopefully, as far as the Deadpool individual movie was pushed.”

The X-Force, which first appeared in 1991’s The New Mutants #100, was established by Cable as an evolution of the New Mutants team in the comic books.

Notably, the X-Force team introduced in Deadpool 2 consist of Ryan Reynolds foul-mouthed Deadpool, Terry Crews’ Bedlam, Zazie Beetz’ Domino, Bill Skarsgard’s Zeitgeist, Lewis Tan’s Shatterstar, Stefan Kapcic’s Colossus, Brianna Hildenbrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead and an unspecified character named Yukio played by Shioli Kutsuna. The ragtag team will be seen trying to protect a young mutant from Josh Brolin’s time-traveling assassin, Cable. Furthermore, fans will find out their fate when they watch the movie this week.

It remains unclear at this point of time if all the Deadpool 2 team members will make it to the X-Force solo movie which is next up in line. According to Reese, the decision as to which characters will make it to the film will rest completely upon the director Drew Goddard. The spin-off film is expected to go into production in October.

David Leitch directed Deadpool 2 and is currently playing in theaters now.

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