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Deadpool 2: Writers Like The Idea Of Hugh Jackman Cameo

Deadpool 2: Writers Like The Idea Of Hugh Jackman Cameo

Hugh Jackman has made it clear that his version of Wolverine won’t appear in Deadpool 2. Furthermore, neither is the English actor looking forward to play the superhero character again. However, what if he appears as himself?

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were recently interviewed by THR to discuss the release of their movie “Life”. Fortunately, THR writer Aaron Couch digressed from the main topic to talk about an idea for Deadpool 2.

Couch pitched an idea which would bring in Hugh Jackman to play a cameo as himself rather than his superhero character Wolverine. Surprisingly, the writers seem to be interested with the idea.

“I like that. Deadpool lives in a world where Hugh Jackman is out there. He’s got the People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover that he staples to his forehead in the first movie, so maybe he could meet Hugh as Hugh. That would be really funny.”

While it sounds great, the final decision is left to Jackman. If the writers aren’t able to convince him, perhaps, Ryan Reynolds could have a chat with Jackman.

On the release of Jackman’s Logan, fans were treated to a clip of Deadpool. The video was the first teaser for the upcoming sequel.

Deadpool is set to release on January 12th, 2018. In recent news, it was revealed that several actors like Brad Pitt and Michael Shannon are frontrunner to play a Marvel character called Cable. The new superhero is well known in the comics and has teamed up with Deadpool in several issues.

Do you think the writers can pull in Jackman to play a cameo in Deadpool 2? Let me know what you think in the comments below. For more updates on Deadpool 2 and other Comic Book Movies, Follow Pursue News on Facebook. Readers can also follow me on Twitter and other social media accounts.




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