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Deadpool 3 ending has a Avengers’ Shawarma style scene and MCU fans think it connects to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man universe

Deadpool 3 ending has a Avengers’ Shawarma style scene and MCU fans think it connects to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man universe

Deadpool 3 is Marvel Studios’ most ambitious multiverse film and it may even have a nod to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man universe if the rumors pan out. While reports have assured cameos from the Fox introduced Marvel characters like X-23, a new claim serves as double confirmation that Shawn Levy‘s R-rated MCU flick would feature an ending similar to the Shawarma scene from 2012’s Avengers.

It looks like Wolverine and Deadpool’s adventurous journey through the multiverse while being targeted by the TVA would eventually conclude with a wholesome sequence. Thanks to Cable’s time machine, Wade Wilson apparently goes on a mission to save Logan though it rather leads him on a path towards encountering legacy Marvel characters like Jennifer Garner‘s Elektra, Gambit and even Magneto. A story rumored to be based on the famous comic storyline “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”.

While the aftermath of these timeline-altering events remains a mystery – Deadpool fans can find solace in knowing Wade & Logan’s buddy-cop journey ends on a “poetic note”. Similar to the Avengers’ Shawarma post-credits scene, both Deadpool and Wolverine will be shown having Piza together, claims insider CWGST.

It should be noted long-time industry scooper DanielRPK was the first to reveal this information through his Patreon. His cryptic post stating, “Pizza Time” piqued Sam Raimi‘s Spidey stans curiosity since the line was famously uttered by Peter Parker in 2004’s Spider-Man 2. So many fans are under the impression that the famed restaurant Joe’s Pizza will be shown in Deadpool 3 though no word yet if Tobey Maguire will also have an appearance. But some folks are also entertaining the possibility of Earth-838’s Pizza Poppa portrayed by Bruce Campbell in Doctor Strange 2, making an appearance instead.

It’s been speculated that Spider-Man: No Way Home established the possibility for TASM’s Spidey and Maguire’s friendly neighborhood superhero to return for Avengers 6. With Wolverine also playing a pivotal role in Secret Wars – the team-up that failed to see the light in Raimi’s Spider-Man may to come fruition in Deadpool 3 or Avengers 6.

Meanwhile, in more DP3 news, Deadpool won’t be the only character with multiple variants. According to MTTSH, the Merc with a mouth is on a quest to find the perfect Wolverine and encounters numerous versions of the Adamantium-wielding X-Men.

It’s possible Daniel Radcliffe‘s secret role could involve portraying as a Logan variant. But ultimately, Deadpool’s arduous journey ends with the conclusion that “Hugh Jackman cannot be recast.”

So all in all, it’s clear the third installment will be an extravagant multiverse spectacle that also leads up to Avengers 6. Let’s hope the rumors haven’t spoiled all the interesting reveals in store for Deadpool 3 releasing on May 3, 2024.




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