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Deadpool 3 Is In Active Development, Filming Location Reportedly Revealed

Still of Deadpool from Deadpool 2 Trailer/ 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 3 Is In Active Development, Filming Location Reportedly Revealed

It looks like the upcoming X-Force won’t be the only movie featuring the Merc with a mouth. If a new report is to be believed, Fox may finally be moving forward with Deadpool 3.

A recent listing on Production Weekly has revealed that Deadpool 3 is in active development and that the project will be filmed in Atlanta. The news may come as a surprise to many as the original movie and its sequel were both filmed in Vancouver.

No other information is available at present. Fox might currently prioritize the X-Force movie over Deadpool 3 since the recently released sequel has already set up the team of superheroes.

Just recently, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld also hinted at the possible villain for X-Force movie. Fans might get to see Josh Brolin’s Cable in a different light and actually play as a villain.

The makers will also have to figure out if Deadpool 3 will be set before or after the events of X-Force. So it seems to be a long road ahead before fans can expect any concrete news from the studio.

if everything falls in place, Ryan Reynolds may get to reprise the merc with a mouth for the fourth time.

It’s still too early to know if Fox’s acquisition with Disney will affect X-Force and Deadpool 3. Actor Ryan Reynolds is optimistic (via Collider) that post the transfer of ownership it would be “business as usual”. But its unclear if Disney has its own set of plans with these Marvel properties.

Deadpool 3 will be directed by David Leitch and Drew Goddard will helm X-Force. Both titles don’t have a release date assigned yet.

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Source: Production Weekly




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