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‘Deadpool Kills Fox Marvel Universe’: Deadpool 3’s destroyed 20th Century Fox logo reveals TVA pruned Logan & Merc with a mouth to the void teasing Loki connection

‘Deadpool Kills Fox Marvel Universe’: Deadpool 3’s destroyed 20th Century Fox logo reveals TVA pruned Logan & Merc with a mouth to the void teasing Loki connection

A long-running theory that suggested Deadpool 3 would feature Deadpool killing Fox Marvel universe with Wolverine may actually be true. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were filming a duel sequence between their two MCU characters on a beach in the UK and a peculiar huge prop was spotted on the set – it’s the 20th Century Fox logo in a wrecked state. Marvel insiders say Wolverine and Deadpool have been pruned to the void.

Logan and Wade Wilson, as much as the two give off a buddy cop duo vibe – it seems like Wolverine is rather outraged over Deadpool. Video clips from the threequel showed Wolverine clashing with the Merc with a mouth, to the point where he appears to pierce his adamantium claws through him (the claw is not shown in the video though it will be added through VFX). Some fans are tweeting, “Deadpool Kills Fox Marvel Universe” indicating the famous comic story adaptation could be the main theme.

Logan and Deadpool appear to be in a deserted location but the wrecked Fox logo may have given away a major plot point. As one insider Greatphase noted, “This is the void”. For those unaware, Loki season 1 addressed what happens to the people pruned by the TVA. The reset timeline & its inhabitants are cast off into the void to stop its growth as well its impact on reality.

The wreckage surrounding the deserted place looks like decommissioned infrastructures further hinting at its connection to the Loki’s The void. It’s also been suggested the yellow-suited Wolverine may just be another variant that Deadpool comes across in the void.

It was earlier revealed Deadpool saves Wolverine from his death using Cable’s time machine. So that may explain why the TVA prune the duo. Furthermore, MCU fans feel Logan’s wrath against the Merc may be justified if Deadpool engages in killing 20th Century Fox’s Marvel characters in the void.

The inclusion of several Fox Marvel characters such as Professor X, Magneto and even Wanda has raised questions if the 2000s live-action superheroes like Elektra are being brought back to be axed off. It could be a loose adaptation of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe comics. In fact, fans on social media are already dubbing it “Deadpool Kills Fox Marvel Universe”.

While the comic run was not canon – the Elseworlds story was a funny yet gore-filled interpretation of what if the Merc with a mouth killed off every known Marvel character. There is no real intention behind his rampage rather Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking ability pushes him to go after the creators behind the heroes and villains of this universe while putting the inhabitants out of their misery.

It should also be noted Loki season 1 introduced a slew of variants from branched realities such as Alligator Loki, Throg and Boastful Loki to name a few. With reports indicating Wade Wilson variants like Lady Deadpool are expected to make an appearance – it’s possible we may see the Deadpool Corps in action in the void.

It is interesting to see Loki season 1’s impact on MCU Phase 5. The upcoming season 2 is expected to unveil the consequences of Sylvie killing He Who Remains, a Kang variant. It remains to be seen if Deadpool 3 would take place after the events of Loki season 2.

Don’t let the production set photos fool you into expecting Deadpool 3 anytime soon. The threequel is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 4, 2024.




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