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Deadpool Spinoff ‘X-Force’ Might Portray Another Version Of Josh Brolin’s Cable

Screenshot from Deadpool, Meet Cable new trailer/ 20th Century Fox

Deadpool Spinoff ‘X-Force’ Might Portray Another Version Of Josh Brolin’s Cable

Despite Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox getting finalized, fans are expecting Fox to continue developing its current slate of X-Men and X-Universe features including the highly anticipated Deadpool spinoff movie X-Force.

While nothing much about the upcoming movie’s storyline has been revealed by the makers, it is already confirmed that Deadpool, Cable, and Domino will appear in X-Force. It seems now we also have the name of the film’s main villain, all thanks to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.

During a recent interview with Nerdist, Liefeld almost confirmed that X-Force film will likely see Josh Brolin in a dual role, playing Cable and taking on the role of the villain, Stryfe.

When asked if Stryfe will show up in X-Force, Liefeld replied that the villain will be there.

Well, do you really hire Josh Brolin if you don’t want him to play both roles?” Liefeld said. “We are perfectly assembled for an X-Force movie. And how do you not scratch that Stryfe itch, right?

Talking more about Stryfe, the character first showed up as the leader of the mutant terrorist group The Mutant Liberation Front in New Mutants #100 released in April 1991. He’s a clone of time-traveler mutant Cable who was kidnapped and raised by Apocalypse, the main villain in X-Men: Apocalypse. Well, under Apocalypse’s guidance we can only expect Stryfe to get imparted with all sort of evil intentions and powers.

Notably, Stryfe was one of the first foes the original X-Force team faced as per the comic book storyline, so it would definitely make sense if the character is utilized as the upcoming film’s main antagonist.

X-Force is in the development stage at the moment and there’s no release date attached yet. It also remains unknown if the Deadpool spinoff would also be an R-Rated film.

Do you think Stryfe is the right choice for the X-Force villain? Drop us a comment down below.

Source: Nerdist




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