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Death of Superman Sneak Peek: Doomsday Overpowers Justice League

Screenshot from THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN Sneak Peek/ Warner Bros. & Youtube via WGC

Death of Superman Sneak Peek: Doomsday Overpowers Justice League

A new video of DC’s Death of Superman offers fans a sneak peek of the upcoming animated movie. The film will adapt the story of the 1992 comic book of the same name featuring Superman’s battle with Doomsday. Notably, the same storyline was previously adapted to animation in 2007’s Superman: Doomsday.

The Death of Superman animated video offers some new footage from the movie as well as some insight from co-director Jake Castorena, supervising producer Jake Tucker and more. They talked about Superman’s identity crisis in the film where he is confused if he should remain a human or become a hero. The Death of Superman teaser shows Superman having a conversation with the Justice League members including Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman.

The video clip offers a glimpse of the unstoppable brute, Doomsday, who is on the verge of destroying Metropolis in the comic book storyline. The Man of Steel sacrifices himself to save Metropolis from a rampage by Doomsday. You can check out the video below.

The voice cast for the Death of Superman was recently announced. While Jerry O’Connell will reprise his role as the Man of Steel in The Death of Superman, his wife Rebecca Romijn will join as Lois Lane, replacing Juliet Landau as the character.

The voice cast also includes Jason O’Mara as Batman, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, Christopher Gorham as The Flash, Matt Lanter as Aquaman,  and Shemar Moore as Cyborg.

Notably, the comic book story will be released as two separate feature-length animated movies, the first being Death of Superman and the second being Reign of the Supermen. The second instalment will introduce four new heroes- Steel, Superboy, the Eradicator, and the Cyborg Superman- who claimed the mantle of Superman for themselves. The follow-up film will be released in 2019.

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