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Director Ava DuVernay Reveals How She Got New Gods DC Film Greenlit

The New Gods DC Comics

Director Ava DuVernay Reveals How She Got New Gods DC Film Greenlit

One has to ask for something in order to get it, the same thing happened with DC’s New Gods director Ava DuVernay. The director recently revealed on social media how she landed up getting the big-budget project.

DuVernay recently revealed on Twitter that it was she who first approached Warner Bros. about helming a New Gods film. During a Q&A session on Twitter, when a fan asked her about the first thought she had after being approached by Warner Bros. and DC for the New Gods adaptation, DuVernay replied,

I actually said: ‘Hey Guys, I wanna make a New Gods movie.’ Then someone said ok.”

Considering the fact that it’s not easy for directors to get a big budget DC Film, DuVernay seems to be quite lucky in this case as she did not have to do much to convince the studio to take her onboard for the project as it looks like she might have come up with the idea. DC Film’s New Gods will be an adaptation of legendary artist Jack Kirby’s The New Gods.

When another Twitter fan asked DuVernay to offer some update on the upcoming film, she replied that the superhero epic is currently in the early stage of development. She also revealed that she’s currently busy writing her next film, Central Park Five.

Central Park Five. And New Gods is in early development and feeling good,” the Twitter post read.

Last month DuVernay talked about New Gods when she appeared in the Late Night with Seth Meyers show. The filmmaker said that not many people know about the New Gods superhero world, but they will certainly love it once they get to know more about it.

The film will focus on a war between twin alien planets, New Genesis and Apokolips, ruled by Highfather and Darkseid respectively. Darkseid’s main goal is to know about the Anti-Life Equation that will enable him to enslave all the people in the universe.

Warner Bros. and DC Films currently have a lot of films in pipeline including The Batman, Man of Steel 2, a solo Flash film, Bird of Prey, Nightwing, solo Cyborg film, Gotham City Sirens, Suicide Squad 2, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League Dark, Black Adam, Booster Gold, and a standalone Joker origin film.

Pursue News will update you with the latest information about the New Gods movie as it comes in.

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