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Director Chris McKay’s Nightwing Could Wear A White Eyes Suit

Nightwing from DC Comics

Director Chris McKay’s Nightwing Could Wear A White Eyes Suit

It seems director Chris McKay is keen on keeping things comic-accurate in the upcoming Nightwing movie. It was when a Twitter user reached out to McKay to request him to make sure that the Bat-family in his movies has white eyes or lenses irrespective of their costumes, the director agreed to it. The interesting thing to note is that the fan also cited the example of McKay’s profile picture, which is an image of the Batman-centric character Nightwing wearing white-out lenses.

Whatever costume they keep or go with, can we all agree that white eyes or lenses need to be a staple going forward with a live-action Bat Family? [Chris McKay], I see your profile picture. Please make it happen,” the fans’ tweet read.

McKay responded to the request with just one single word, “agreed”. This suggests that fans might see Nightwing’s white eyes in the upcoming film, as seen in the comic books.

Talking more about the film, the LEGO Batman Movie director recently revealed that Nightwing’s first script draft is almost complete. He also revealed that they are currently working on ripomatic footage of the proposed film to present before the production studio.

Although McKay ensured fans that DC, Geoff Johns, and the Warner Bros team are taking their own ample time to come up with a final result that will definitely be something big, he did ask fans to be patient and not to expect casting related news anytime soon.

Nightwing will be based on a screenplay from The Accountant writer Bill Dubuque. The movie doesn’t have a tentative release date at this point in time, nor has the film’s star cast been finalized. It is expected that the film will likely get rolled out by the end of next year.

Would you like to see Nightwing with white eyes in the movie or would you prefer the eyeball look in live-action? Let us know in comments below.

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