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Director David F. Sandberg Begins Working On Shazam!, Production Details

Director David F. Sandberg Begins Working On Shazam!, Production Details

It looks like David F. Sandberg has started working on DCEU’s Shazam! primarily as his next big project in Hollywood. The Lights Out director recently revealed the news on Twitter where he has been most active in the recent weeks.

“Going to take a break from the internet for a bit.” Wrote Sandberg. “Doing Shazam work that I can’t show or talk about anyway. I’ll back.” Fans can check out the tweet below.

Earlier this week, the director spoke to Film Riot (via: Heroichollywood) about his recent film Annabelle: Creation. During the interview, Sandberg was also asked a few questions about DCEU’s Shazam!.

Sandberg confirmed in the interview that Shazam! already has a script and that “It’s the next DC movie to shoot.” Furthermore, he also confirmed that Black Adam is not part of the movie although the character was initially considered during the scripting stage.

It looks like Sandberg has completely wrapped up works with Annabelle: Creation. Moreover, going by the tweet, the director is jumping on to Shazam! project with no breaks after directing the horror film.

Sandberg has also revealed in earlier tweets that he has been reading several Shazam! comics. The process is quite common the industry as directors and actors are provided with comics to understand the character’s origin, attitude etc.

Shazam! plot is yet to be revealed. However, going by the character’s origin in the comics, Billy Batson, an orphan child is granted powers by an ancient wizard to transform into a grown adult capable of using abilities that can only be tapped by Gods.

Shazam! is rumored to go into production in February 2018. However, the film does not yet have a confirmed release date.

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