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Director Teases Shazam! Suit, Says It Has Similarities To Animated Version

Still of Shazam! from DCAU

Director Teases Shazam! Suit, Says It Has Similarities To Animated Version

Shazam! is currently in production as filming continues in Toronto. Earlier this month, the actor playing the titular role, Zachary Levi also teased fans by sharing a photo wearing a jacket, covering up his superhero costume.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to get their first look at Levi in the Shazam! suit. But by far, the production team seem to have managed to dodge paparazzi from getting a picture of the costume. Moreover, it also seems to be the reason why Warner Bros. has decided not to release the official look yet.

Director David F. Sandberg has been answering quite a few questions posted by fans on the DC Cinematic subreddit. In one interaction, the Annabelle: Creation director confirmed that Warner Bros. has already decided on a date for the suit’s unveil.

WB have already decided yes. Actually if someone had managed to snap a shot of the suit last week when were shooting outside they would have released an official pic right away. Since we got away with they want to do more of an official thing. And it’s right around the corner.”

In another discussion, the director went on to give a bit of tease for the fans. Sandberg revealed that the Shazam! costume will resemble the suit created for the character in DC animated universe.

Here’s something though. The suit has some similarities to his look in Justice League: War,” said Sandberg. “Once pics have been released I can tell you more about where the inspirations came from and why certain choices were made.”

The director also explained that the reason behind Shazam!  being set in Philadelphia is due to the new 52. But he did also confirm that Fawcett City, the location that first introduced in the comics has a reference in the movie.

Shazam! will hit theatres on April 5, 2019. Set photos have also begun surfacing online. Recently, the team also filmed inside a university for the orphanage scenes.

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