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Disappointed ‘Arrow’ Fans Change Show’s Subreddit Focus To ‘The Punisher’

Screenshot from Arrow Season 5/Courtesy To The CW

Disappointed ‘Arrow’ Fans Change Show’s Subreddit Focus To ‘The Punisher’

In a surprising twist, the Arrow “Crisis on Earth X” crossover saw Oliver Queen and his on-and-off girlfriend Felicity Smoak finally united in marriage. The much-awaited union happened in the final hour of the arrowverse crossover. However, not everyone is happy with the surprise wedding.

The Olicity wedding may have made some fans unhappy. Comicbook spotted the Arrow subreddit shifts its focus to Netflix’s newest series, The Punisher as a sign of protest or to display their disappointment.

The page is titled The Punisher with a picture from the series. “r/Arrow now supports The Punisher,” reads the headline.

“If anyone from the CW network or ARROW writers is reading this, the reason ‘ARROW’ subreddit has changed to ‘PUNISHER’, is because well…Arrow is no longer what it used to be. Season 5 was a back to form, but Season 6 is a utter disappointment. The forced Olicity wedding proved the show is for shippers. It’s a shame the writers haven’t learned their lessons from Season 3 and Season 4, and couldn’t let go of the Olicity obsession. Changing the subreddit theme to ‘PUNISHER’ are the fans way of protesting about the current state of Arrow. Just like how we did it back in ARROW Season 4 Finale, by changing the theme to DAREDEVIL, which received tons of social media attention,” reads the comment by a reddit user Gintoki79.

The user reveals that the reason behind this fan protest is that the Olicity wedding may not be a great development and can eventually bring down the show’s quality. Further, the user justifies why Oliver Queen and Felicity’s reunion may not be a good idea for the show.

“One more important thing which I forgot to previously add, this fan protest isn’t because we want a canon GA/BC relationship. The show is it’s own thing, this version of Green Arrow is dark and gritty, compared to Comic version. The protest is mainly because the Olicity relationship drags the show quality down, as evident from the terrible reviews of Season 3 and Season 4, and the writers seem firm on keeping that horrible element which brought the show down in S3 & S4. The GA/BC romance hasn’t been a thing since Season 1, and guess what, we all loved Season 2 and Season 5,” Gintoki79 adds.

Meanwhile, there are fans who were thrilled to see the couple tie the knot. Scroll down to view some reactions on Twitter.

Arrow Season 6 returns for its one final episode of the year 2017 on Dec. 7. As reported earlier, the show will see Oliver deal with a traitor. Keep visiting Pursue News, more spoilers and updates are expected soon.




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