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Disney Plus Day 2021: India subscribers ask why IMAX Enhanced Marvel films are not available in Hotstar

Disney Plus Day 2021: India subscribers ask why IMAX Enhanced Marvel films are not available in Hotstar

Disney Plus Day 2021 is done and dusted for the year but Marvel fans in India are still left puzzling over the exclusion of IMAX enhanced Marvel films on Disney Plus Hotstar. However, there may be an explanation behind its unavailability in the South Asian region.

At the moment, Marvel Studios’ blockbuster flick, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the sole Marvel title currently streaming on IMAX enhanced format. Though only portable and computer devices showcase the Marvel film in 1:90:1 format. Moreover, TV units are streaming Shang-Chi in the 16:9 format and Hotstar is yet to promote the title as “now streaming in IMAX enhanced” as mentioned in the US and other regions. Added, the rest of the 12 promised Marvel films in IMAX quality remain unavailable in India.

Except Shang-Chi, No IMAX enhanced Marvel films in India Hotstar

So far, Disney Plus Hotstar hasn’t responded to numerous queries from subscribers regarding its unavailability. Nonetheless, Disney Plus did state content availability varies by region for IMAX format MCU titles, via a press release. So it seems like Indian Marvel fans will have to wait longer since the Mouse House has not promoted any IMAX Marvel films except Shang-Chi. Even so, it hasn’t stopped fandom from questioning the OTT platform for an update. Readers can check out some of the tweets below.

Meanwhile, the global celebration of Disney’s direct-to-consumer platform had several head-turning announcements during Marvel Studios 2021 special. A short clip showcasing first looks and teasers from She-Hulk, Moon Knight & Ms. Marvel had most fans’ attention. Plus, updates on other Disney Plus shows such as Loki season 2 & What If! season 2 along with a glimpse of its future slate seems to have won over loyal subscribers on board for its upcoming content releases.

What to watch from Disney Plus Day on Hotstar India?

It remains to be seen when Disney Plus Hotstar could update its content library. Subscribers can still tune in to stream other exclusive releases such as Jungle Cruise and shorts from the Star Wars franchise like Under The Helmet: The Legacy Of Boba Fett. Check out the “exclusive sneak preview” to get a look at all content currently available from Disney Plus Day 2021.

When will Disney Plus Hotstar stream IMAX enhanced Marvel films

So far, Hotstar is yet to even promote Shang-Chi as an IMAX enhanced format on Hotstar, even though the film can be streamed in 1:90:1 format for computer and mobile devices. The OTT platform has not provided an update on when subscribers can expect the latest IMAX titles but going by Disney’s past decision, it is likely to be rolled out in near future. It must be noted, out of Disney Plus’ 116 million subscribers worldwide, about 40% of them are Disney Plus Hotstar subscribers in India, Indonesia and Malaysia. But India is not alone with users in regions like Indonesia also reporting its unavailability.

PursueNews has reached out to Disney for a comment and will update readers as the story develops.




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