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Disney Plus Hotstar India releases Netflix’s Daredevil, Defenders, Punisher & more on OTT

Disney Plus Hotstar India releases Netflix’s Daredevil, Defenders, Punisher & more on OTT

Marvel India fans can finally rejoice! The Netflix-made Daredevil, Defenders, Punisher, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage series are now available on Disney Plus Hotstar India. Since March, the shows could not be streamed in this region on the Mouse House’s streaming service after exiting Netflix due to the network’s licensing deal expiry.

Charlie Cox’s Devil of Hell’s Kitchen adaptation and the rest of the Defenders created under the Netflix-Marvel Studios partnership was initially unavailable to stream in India. It was reported the inconvenience was due to “some rights-related discussions”. Since then, MCU India fans have longed for its release on Hotstar and the streaming giant surprised its audiences with a new promo this week, confirming its availability. Readers can check it out below.

ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also among the new Marvel releases on Disney Plus India. Some fans have queried for the Hindi dubbed version to be included for Daredevil and Defenders. Though, the support for Hotstar stated, “Dubbing of content depends upon the availability of language-specific rights and dubbing rights for the content. However we’ll share your feedback with our concerned team.” It seems unlikely for the dubbed version to be updated anytime soon.

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The news of Daredevil series availability in India comes as reports emerge that Cox’s Matt Murdock could appear in She-Hulk as a cameo. With Disney Plus India’s cryptic tweets and the timely inclusion of the Defenders show on Hostar, one can only wonder if the rumors were indeed true. It’s also being speculated the new Daredevil show will be a “new but continued series” indicating the events unfolded under the Netflix-produced 3 seasons won’t be erased.

Meanwhile, Disney Plus Hotstar still has miles to go in delivering a better OTT service in comparison to the US and Canada. The OTT in India is yet to provide the IMAX Enhanced feature, multi-user profiles, Premier Access, etc.

What do you think of Disney Plus finally including Daredevil and other Defenders shows on Hotstar India? Let us know in the comments or write to @RAKarthikPrasad on Twitter to discuss all things Marvel.




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