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Disney Plus hotstar November releases: India subscribers ask why Marvel’s Hit-Monkey series is not available, When to watch Hawkeye & More

Disney Plus hotstar November releases: India subscribers ask why Marvel’s Hit-Monkey series is not available, When to watch Hawkeye & More

The Mouse house’s new roster since Disney Plus Day has kept Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar fans engaged with new content, nevertheless, some international releases for November, in particular, Marvel’s Hit-Monkey series is yet to be available for streaming in India.

As the holiday season closes in, Disney Plus has updated its content library with exciting new TV shows & movies on the likes of Jungle Cruise, Home Sweet Home Alone & more. Since Disney’s OTT library for the US subscribers doesn’t reflect the same for other regions. Here is what viewers in India can expect on Hotstar this November.

For starters, the promised Marvel’s Hit-Monkey series, previously announced to premiere on November 17 in India remains unavailable as of this post’s writing. Though, it seems Indians are not alone as other international subscribers, particularly the UK region face a similar situation.

So far, responses to customers have been vague stating to “stay tuned for more updates”. However, frustrated Disney Plus users have continued to send queries for more information on the Hulu-made Marvel shows premiere. Readers can check their reactions below. Hit-Monkey is a Marvel animated series from Hulu so subscribers in the US have already tuned in on the show via the platform.

What to watch on Disney Plus Hotstar in November

Aside from Hit-Monkey, Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye will stream on November 24, available in regional languages as well. The next day, The Beatles: Get Back documentary will stream as well. Readers can check out Hotstar’s watchlist below.

When will Marvel’s Hit-Monkey stream in India?

The short answer is, in near future, since Disney Plus hasn’t provided an accurate update yet. Furthermore, even Marvel’s MODOK, also a Hulu series is yet to be available on Hotstar. So it remains unclear what’s keeping Hotstar library away from such exciting shows.

What to expect from Marvel’s Hit-Monkey?

The adult animation Marvel TV show is on the lines of Deadpool and will explore the life of a Japanese snow Monkey on a vengeful path, being mentored by the ghost of an American assassin voiced by Jason Sudeikis. The show is based on the Marvel comics character created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajić.

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All 10 episodes of the Hit-Monkey series are currently streaming on Hulu service. Please stay tuned for updates on when Hotstar will premiere the Marvel series. For now, fans can check out the trailer giving a glimpse of the talented voice cast.




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