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‘Downfall of Spider-Man: lotus..’: Swamped by racial slur allegations, Spider-Man fan film gets massive backlash as script leaks & more

‘Downfall of Spider-Man: lotus..’: Swamped by racial slur allegations, Spider-Man fan film gets massive backlash as script leaks & more

Spider-Man continues to be a hot topic among MCU fans ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home’s billion-dollar box office success and news of the blockbuster’s extended version re-releasing this September has only catapulted its popularity. But one such fan-initiative project, Spider-Man: Lotus, which gained praises for its trailer from even director Jon Watts seems to have flown too close to the sun as it faces massive backlash due to allegations of racist remarks by the film’s lead actor Wayne Warden and director Gavin Konop.

Spider-Man: Lotus is a Marvel non-profit fan film not associated with Sony or Marvel Studios. The fan project gained huge support, raising money in February 2021 and was scheduled to release in 2022. But it’s currently trapped in an embroiling controversy that began when a series of screenshots surfaced on Twitter of Wayne’s message in a group chat using racist remarks. The actor quickly acknowledged his actions and released a statement via tweets stating he decided to “come forward honestly about mistakes I made when I was younger.”

The full statement can be found below though coming clean hasn’t helped as new allegations that director and writer Konop also used racial slurs in the past. The controversial remark has become a Pop Culture moment of its own with fans reacting with memes as Spider-Man: Lotus still trends on Twitter. Readers can check it out below.

The rising allegations have made the rest of the cast and crew of Spider-Man: Lotus distance themselves from the film. Moriah Brooklyn, the actor who plays Mary Jane has also come forward stating she has removed herself from the project. Since then, multiple scenes from the Lotus have leaked, like Green Goblin’s first look, the menacing villains’ fight against Spidey and the whole script.

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Wayne plays Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Lotus and takes place after the events of Gwen Stacy’s death. The friendly neighborhood superhero has hung up his suit but when a terminally ill child asks to see Spider-Man, Peter is stuck with a difficult decision. The trailer also showed Green Goblin as an existing threat that Peter must face.

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