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Drew Barrymore Show confiscated WGA support pins from audiences bags, backlash from Writers union continue: ‘Boycott this show’

Drew Barrymore Show confiscated WGA support pins from audiences bags, backlash from Writers union continue: ‘Boycott this show’

CBS’ The Drew Barrymore Show faces more resentment online after audience members who participated in Tuesday’s taping reportedly faced security checks to confiscate any WGA support pins. A rep for the Talk Show recently expressed regret after two audience members were kicked out for sporting the Writers Guild of America pins in support of the ongoing Writers Strike.

It’s not a good look for The Drew Barrymore Show nor the actress as CBS Studio resumed filming season 4 whilst Hollywood is yet to resolve the ongoing double strike. The actress insists the talk show is in compliance with the SAG-AFTRA rules with even the Actors union rep confirming the show “is not struck” (via THR). However, the WGA says otherwise.

On Monday, The Writers Guild of America, East – posted on X countering Barrymore’s statement to say it is a “struck show that is planning to return without its writers” while outright denouncing it to be “in violation of WGA strike rules”. In addition, the recording session of The Barrymore Show season 4 backfired after security removed audiences & verbally assaulted them for wearing WGA pins.

A spokesperson defended Drew Barrymore to say she was “completely unaware” of the incident that occurred on Monday. But Recent development from Tuesday’s tapping reveals audiences’ bags and purses were searched by security, as noted by Writers Guild of America council member Greg Iwinski.

All WGA buttons were confiscated from the audiences participating in the Drew Barrymore Show. Clearly, Iwinski’s revelation has not sat well with supporters of the WGA with many calling for a boycott of the talk show.

The CBS show’s co-head writers, all part of the Writers Guild of America are currently picketing. While the 50 First Dates actress has not stopped filming in the wave of backlash – A report from LA Mag by journalist Jeff Sneider indicates the show may struggle to book guests since publicists are unlikely to advise their clients to appear on the program.

Several other daytime shows such as Jennifer Hudson, The Talk are also preparing to begin filming to air new seasons but union’s council member Greg Iwinski has assured these shows are also covered under strike rules and “if it goes on the air, it will be picketed.”

Other late-night shows hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel & more have all remained shut down since May in support of the Writers’ Strike. But shows like Live with Kelly Mark may proceed with filming their new episodes without facing any hurdles since they don’t employ writers from the union.

Amidst the ongoing WGA & SAG-AFTRA Strike in Hollywood, Several celebs have faced scrutiny for their controversial behavior which did not align with the union rules. Arrow star Stephen Amell & Shazam! Fury of the GodsZachary Levi are among them. Similarly, Disney CEO Bob Iger has also faced extreme backlash for his comments stating the unions have unrealistic demands.

It still remains unclear when the double strike could come to a halt with several major productions & completed projects facing the burden. So stay tuned for more updates on all things movies and TV shows or follow us @PursueNews24 for the latest on Hollywood.




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