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Dwayne Johnson hypes Black Adam’s fight with Superman, teases future plans for DCEU

Dwayne Johnson hypes Black Adam’s fight with Superman, teases future plans for DCEU

Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam fighting Henry Cavill’s Superman is a certainty that’s weeks away from appearing on the big screen but what will that look like and what will its impact on the larger DCEU be? Well, the upcoming DC film’s titular star had all the answers, in fact, The Rock believes the Man of Steel has been on the sidelines for too long.

Earth’s mightiest force, the Justice Society (JSA) will be facing the strongest force ever to walk on the planet, Teth-Adam and his moral compass do not stop him from going the extra mile to kill his enemies, as the trailers have confirmed. But Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) may have a hero in mind capable of being the immovable object to the unstoppable force. Recent reports confirmed Cavill’s Superman appears in the post-credits scene donning his iconic red caped suit similar to the 2013’s Man of Steel and Johnson has offered some breadcrumbs on who lays the first punch.

Speaking with Jake’s Takes, Johnson was quizzed about his idea for the Black Adam vs. Superman showdown and though The Rock couldn’t share any detailed description in risk of spoilers, the star had this to say.

“I think Black Adam lands the first punch. Now I don’t if Black Adam lands the last punch,” said Johnson. The Fast & Furious star further spoke about his love for Superman and the larger DC Universe stating, “I grew up a DC boy” to which Jake interjected to ask if he’s already planned out what both the characters’ interaction would look like. 

“Jake I can see things so clearly on how that scene looks like, what that scene looks like, what the film looks like, what the next three films look like, Now, whether or not that comes to fruition, that always helps when you have that kind of clarity.”  

Johnson double-downed on his commitment to listening to the fans, a principle he’s followed since his early days in wrestling. He further added that over the decade-long process it took to get Black Adam greenlit and made, Johnson was also all ears to fans’ concerns.

“We will create Black Adam, for him to be the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. The most powerful and unstoppable force in the entire universe has been on the sidelines for too long,” said Johnson with a smirk. Readers can check it out below.

Since The Rock went above and beyond to get Superman included in Black Adam, the latest developments indicate a Man of Steel sequel is already in development. And fortunately, details on Warner Bros. plans for the character might not be too far from an announcement with Black Adam arriving on October 21.




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