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Dwayne Johnson responds to claims he unfollowed Black Adam & Warner Bros. Discovery: “Insanely toxic time and culture”

Dwayne Johnson responds to claims he unfollowed Black Adam & Warner Bros. Discovery: “Insanely toxic time and culture”

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson’s silence amid the shake-up at Warner Bros. Discovery with the revamping of DCEU into DCU has attracted more criticism from fans – some even taking it as a hint that any plans for a Black Adam 2 are dead. And a rumor claiming The Rock had unfollowed WBD and the official handle of the Mighty Adam movie on Instagram, added more flame to the ongoing backlash over Snyderverse’s cancellation but luckily, the star has set the record straight. 

The Rock is currently engulfed in controversy and backlash since the news broke that Gunn had informed henry Cavill there are no plans to continue with his version of Superman in his DCU. Johnson had indicated plans to kick-off phase 1 of DC Film starting with Black Adam and even teased a face-off with the Man of Steel. But those hopes came crashing down when Warner Bros. Pictures formed the DC Studios division.

The 10-year plan dubbed as the DC Bible will feature a Younger Superman along with a new Justice League cast & many fans seem convinced Teth-Adam would also be recast in Gunn’s DCU. While the DCU label head has remained mum from giving his take on 2022’s Black Adam – The Rock has also treated the new DC Studios chief with the same treatment. Moreover, his social media activity related to the DC Film has been reduced to a large extent since Superman’s exit. However, Dwayne Johnson recently intervened to shatter claims that he had unfollowed WBD and Black Adam’s Instagram page.

Dwayne Johnson cryptically addresses ongoing DCU drama

The Rock responded to a now-deleted tweet by Comicbook’s Brandan Davis reacting to the rumor. “100% not true. Never followed either account on IG,” he tweeted but when prompted to offer his reaction to the DCEU ordeal, he has yet to offer a response as of this writing. Though when Davis apologized for playing a small part in spreading the rumor, Johnson added, “We’re always good bro. Insanely toxic time and culture. On a positive note tell your mama I said hi!!

A recent report from THR had one studio insider saying l, “In the end, he [Henry Cavill] was a pawn in Dwayne’s failed attempt to control a piece of DC.” Meanwhile, as the internet mourns the loss of Superman, Cavill has already moved on to star in a new series, one which could be termed as a pet project he has sought for decades, Amazon Prime’s WARHAMMER 40,000 series. 

Black Adam’s box office earnings have become a topic of interest among critics and fans since The Rock refuted reports stating the movie had failed to break even. However, the controversy only grew when Puck’s Matt Beloni reported that The Rock’s team leaked a profit report which according to the outlet, several Warner executives were numbers based on “false assumptions”.

Does The Rock still have a future as the menacing anti-hero in Gunn’s DCU? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to our writer @RAKarthikPrasad on Twitter to discuss all things from the superhero genre. 




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