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Early Batsuit design From Batman v Superman Looks Futuristic

Early Batsuit design From Batman v Superman Looks Futuristic

Unlike the earlier version of the caped crusader, Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight in Batman v Superman seemed to have been inspired directly from the comics. For starters, the bat suit design was quite different in style and looked similar to Frank Miller’s version from The Dark Knight comics.

As expected, the final suit designs that we got to see in Batman v Superman weren’t the only versions that were initially considered. Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz has shared new designs of the bat’s costume and it looks stunning.

The following concept arts are early explorations as stated by Marantz.  One of the designs emphasizes on the body’s muscular identity.  But the mask makes the character look grumpy, gritty and everything that Batman v Superman stood for, a dark adaptation of the cape crusader.

While the design indeed looks aesthetic, it was the right choice to go over it. The suit would have possibly portrayed the Dark Knight more villainous- quite similar to the Flashpoint version of the Batman portrayed by Thomas Wayne.

The other design also looks aesthetic but the suit would be a perfect match for a sleek and slender body type. Perhaps, Damian’s version of the caped crusader from Batman Beyond would sync well with this design. Fans can take a look at the designs below.

It looks like the futuristic bat suit was initially looked into before the mech suit. Furthermore, the sleek high-tech costume also questions the Dark Knight’s ability in taking on the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman.

If Warner Bros. does decide to cast another Batman in the future (hoping after Affleck completes a trilogy with Matt Reeves), possibly a slender body, the high-tech suit can definitely be considered.

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