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Evangeline Lilly Talks Wasp’s Screen Time In ‘Avengers 4’ & What to Expect

Still of Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp from Ant-man and the Wasp/ Marvel Studios

Evangeline Lilly Talks Wasp’s Screen Time In ‘Avengers 4’ & What to Expect

Marvel’s Avengers 4 is certain to leave a mark in Hollywood thanks to its remarkable bringing together of its huge ensemble. It has already been revealed that Infinity War had over 76 cast members and the fourth title would likely have a bigger cast than that since characters like Wasp are expected to get their spotlight as well in the last film of phase 3.

Recently, Evangeline Lilly spoke about her screen time in the much anticipated Avengers 4. However, it looks like the actress won’t be a big part of the film. Here’s what she had to say:

“I will appear in  Avengers 4… not very much, so don’t get your hopes up. Not going to be a ton. But I’m in there! And I’m proud to be in there. And I’m stoked to be in there.”

It’s surprising to hear that a lead superhero won’t get a lot of screen appearances in Avengers 4 unlike other characters like Thor. From what the set photos have revealed, it looks like Ant-man will be seen beside Iron Man and Doctor Strange in various scenes and also suggests he has a prominent part to play in the movie.

In any case, Fans can still stay hopeful since Ant-Man and the Wasp seems promising. The first trailer released during the premiere day of Black Panther was all about Wasp getting her spotlight. Perhaps, the little screen time Lilly gets in Avengers 4 would still leave fans satisfied.

Like every other cast such as Karen Gillan and Sebastian Stan, Lilly also had nothing but appreciation about her experience filming with a huge talented group of cast members for Avengers 4. Here’s what she said:

I had so much fun on the Avengers 4 film set because they made it like a party,” said Lilly. “It was right around Christmas time and it was just like they had this tent set up with Christmas carols, with Christmas lights, and music, so every time we would be on set or walk off the set we’d walk into this really festive environment and I was surrounded by all these rock stars who are super cool people in real life and we all got to know each other. Robert Downey Jr. would have us to his tent for lunch and we’d all sit down and have lunch together.

It ended up being what I think a lot of fans think a lot of fans imagine its like on a film set with a bunch of film stars, which usually it isn’t. Usually film stars all go to their own trailers and disappear and don’t talk to one another and they get on the phone with their wife or their husband or their agent or their the CEO of a company that they’re running and they’ve got something to do during their lunch hour, and sometimes it can be a really lonely place to be, on a film set. But Avengers was the polar opposite of that. It was this community, and it was fun, and people were really warm and kind.”

Avengers 4 hits theatres on May 3, 2019. The film will mark the end of MCU’s 22-movie arc.

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