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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Aquaman’- Mera Rooftop Chase Scene Clip, Production Wrap Details

Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Aquaman’- Mera Rooftop Chase Scene Clip, Production Wrap Details

Earlier in August, a set of photos captured during the filming of Aquaman revealed Mera’s stunt double performing a chase scene on a rooftop. Today, we have a video that gives a breakdown of how the scene was filmed.

The video below shows Joanna Bennett, Amber Heard’s stunt double wearing a red wig and performing the rooftop chase scene. Readers can easily spot two of the Atlantian Commandos chasing her from the back. The scene seems to end with Bennett jumping to the other side.

A spidercam can also be spotted on the left filming the chase scene before the rehearsal. Fans can check out the video below.

The scene was performed in the Sicily village which will be torn down sometime this week. PursueNews also got its hands on some photos captured during the construction of Sicily set for the rooftop chase scene. Images embedded below.

PursueNews can confirm that production officially wraps on October 20th.  The second unit (crew responsible for shooting supplementary footage, establishing shots, stunts, inserts and cutaways) will be wrapping up next Friday (10th October).

The wrap party for the cast and crew is set to take place on October 6-7. A recent report by Gold Coast Bulletin also confirms the wrap dates. It also states that Heard is back in LA. However, the actress will be back for the wrap party.

Aquaman hits the big screen on December 21st, 2018. Earlier during SDCC, Actor Jason Momoa screened a promo that was specially shot for Comic-Con. Readers can also check out our earlier exclusive report which contains images of the crew filming the promo and other scenes.

Sicily set in construction

Sicily set in construction

Correction: A previous version of the story failed to mention that the images are Sicily set in construction for the rooftop chase scene.

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