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EXCLUSIVE: Justice League To Release In Dubbed Versions In India

EXCLUSIVE: Justice League To Release In Dubbed Versions In India

The Indian DCEU fans can finally rejoice as Justice League is confirmed to release in major regional languages in India. The DC film will be dubbed for the audience expecting to watch the movie in their home languages.

An inside source has confirmed that Justice League will be releasing in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as the magnitude for the movie is much higher.

Earlier, DCEU fans in India were disappointed as Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad were only released in the original English version. The incident also led many to question if Warner Bros. would decide to do the same with Justice League as well.

Unlike Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman weren’t primarily marketed in India. But that doesn’t seem to apply for the upcoming DC film.

Recently, Warner Bros. India also shared a new cut version of the Justice League trailer 2. The promo contained new dialogues and snippets of new scenes. Furthermore, the ending sequence that teases the presence of Superman also has some added background music. Fans can check out the video below.

We also spotted a petition started by a fan urging Warner Bros. to release Justice League in Hindi. Pursue News can confirm that the film will indeed be released in regional languages similar to Marvel movies.

Justice League is all set to theaters on November 17th this year. Currently, the film is undergoing reshoots in London helmed by Joss Whedon.  It was reportedly revealed that Warner Bros. is spending over $25 million for the additional photography.

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