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Ezra Miller Talks Thomas Wayne Emotional Arc in ‘Flashpoint’, Details

Stills from JL/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller Talks Thomas Wayne Emotional Arc in ‘Flashpoint’, Details

You will see the DC comics’ character Flash team up with the other superheroes in Justice League. Meanwhile, Ezra Miller, who plays Flash in the film, is already gearing up for his solo Flash film titled Flashpoint.

Speaking to, Ezra Miller spoke about what he would like to see in Flashpoint, and that included Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead and Watchman star) reprising the role of Batman or an alternate universe Batman.

The comic book narrative for Flashpoint features Barry Allen, aka the Flash, wakening up in an alternate dimension. He has none of his super-speed powers and the Justice League is not yet formed in this dimension. Similarly, Superman never existed either. However, in this dimension, there is a Batman. Instead of Bruce Wayne, it will be his father Thomas Wayne who will take over as the Batman.

In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we were shown Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered. The role of his father is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, while his Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan essayed the role of his mother Martha Wayne.

The solo Flash film changes the events in the film to show that it was Bruce Wayne who was killed in the first place. Bruce’s father then becomes The Batman while his mother becomes The Joker.

Since it was Morgan who played Bruce’s father, it goes without saying that fans would love to see him play the new Batman in this alternate dimension.

When Ezra Miller was asked in an interview about Flashpoint, he highlighted the Thomas Wayne elements in the story. “I think that the emotional arc of the Thomas Wayne stuff in Flashpoint is one of the illest [parts]. And to see that different manifestation of Batman and his whole different style,” said Miller.

He further added, “And I love the reality that you have this universe that is so inverted from the one that we know. And this one factor remains the same, but in this flipped way. Batman is steady, but it’s going to be the result of a different side of the same tragedy with Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce, and that’s dope.”

When he was asked about Jeffrey Dean Morgan being cast to essay the role of Thomas Wayne, Miller sounded excited. He quipped, “Oh, hell yeah. I think he’s amazing…And I think he would fall right into what is becoming a very, very serious ensemble of actors. I’m so excited about Kiersey Clemons. I’m so excited about Billy Crudup. I just couldn’t be more stoked about the names involved so far.”

Billy Crudup will portray the role of Flash’s father, while Kiersey Clemons will play his girlfriend Iris West. Flashpoint is scheduled to release in theaters in 2020.





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