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Ezra Miller’s arrest has fans calling for Grant Gustin to play The Flash, leaves internet divided

Ezra Miller’s arrest has fans calling for Grant Gustin to play The Flash, leaves internet divided

Ezra Miller’s embroiling controversy has Warner Bros. in a tight spot, especially with the actor playing the titular role in the upcoming The Flash movie. What’s more, one side of the DC fandom is already calling for The CW’s Flash TV star Grant Gustin to replace the live-action version. The Fantastic Beasts star was recently arrested at a bar in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment, added, he also received a temporary restraining order, filed by a couple claiming he threatened them after bursting into their bedroom.

Warner Bros. may have dodged the bullet with Miller’s disasters during the premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. But the star’s continued chaotic behavior has finally awoken dissent among internet audiences and cinephiles, at a time when Will Smith’s slap gate has led to severe cancel culture consequences. Many are calling out Hollywood’s silence over Miller’s incidents as double standards.

UPDATE: IGN has been informed by a source that Rolling Stone’s report is an exaggeration and no meetings were held to discuss pausing Ezra Miller’s projects.

Miller’s mental health illness has popped up on several occasions but a new report from Rolling Stone reveals the 29-year-old actor even had “frequent meltdowns” on the set of The Flash. The ongoing issue has Warner Bros. discussing the actor’s future involvement in their movies and in fact, an emergency meeting was held to discuss halting all future projects with Miller and even his public appearances.

Reactions calling for accountability over Miller’s action have been high though some are also sharing concern for the star’s mental health. In 2018, Miller addressed his childhood trauma as well as dealing with suicidal thoughts. Nonetheless, the internet is divided with Miller’s fandom sharing their support during his difficult time. Readers can check out reactions below.

Meanwhile, Gustin continues to trend alongside Miller, the TV show’s speedster is part of the larger DC multiverse and even had an on-screen interaction with the DCEU’s version of The Flash during the Crisis on Infinite Earths arc crossover.

The Flash is scheduled to arrive in theatres on June 23, 2023.




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