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Ezra Miller’s First Experience Wearing The Flash Suit Was Terrible

Screenshot from Justice League Final Trailer

Ezra Miller’s First Experience Wearing The Flash Suit Was Terrible

Watching your fan-favorite superhero doing a whole lot of action scenes is always exciting. But, we never bother to think about the amount of hard work the actors put in to present themselves as superheroes. Actor Ezra Miller, who portrayed the character of scarlet speedster, the Flash, in 2017 released Justice League, has revealed that he was initially not comfortable wearing the Flash superhero costume.

Miller opened up about his Flash costume at Wizard World Portland (via: Cinemablend) this past weekend alongside Cyborg actor Ray Fisher. The actor admitted that while initially, he was uncomfortable in the costume, eventually he reached a point where he was less concerned about comfort and more about how great it was to have it on.

What I say is that there’s a scale, and comfort/discomfort is one thing of the scale, and on the other hand is awesomeness. And the balance it takes towards awesomeness, you quickly stop thinking comfort/discomfort,” Miller said. “And it was actually, I’ll tell you, very form-fitting, incredibly mobile. They did a lot of work.”

The actor stated that the production crew had put the superhero costume through a lot of changes before they landed on the final version. He said that he himself gave some input before they made some adjustments to make the movements in the costume less difficult.

I’ll tell you the truth when I first tried it on, it was terrible…’What if there’s a Parademon like up above my head? I can’t actually move my arm past this point.’ They did a lot of work to make it more mobile and flexible. It’s an amazing thing, they build a real tactical suit from scratch,” the Flash actor said.

Miller is expected to reprise the role of Barry Allen in Warner Bros. and DC Films’ upcoming Flash adventure. The yet-to-be-titled film will reportedly be directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming writers, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. The film is expected to hit theaters in 2020.

via: Cinemablend




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