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Fan Theory Explains How Motherbox Helps Superman In Justice League

Fan Theory Explains How Motherbox Helps Superman In Justice League

The 4 minute long Justice League trailer revealed many convincing plot details that explain the events that took place after Batman v Superman. In our breakdown report, we were also able to find out that the world believed Superman was indeed alone during his battle against Doomsday.

Since the trailer’s release, fans have been sharing various theories on Reddit on how the Man of Steel would return in Justice League. Furthermore, many also speculated the ending scene from the promo which suggested that the mysterious character Alfred is speaking to is none other than Superman.

Recently, we came across a conversation on sub-Reddit DC Cinematic. The members were discussing the scene from 1:42 (featured image above) and suggested that the same sequence from a different angle was shown at 2:12. Fans can check out the still from the timeline below.

Justice League

The users speculating the scene suggested that the Motherbox would explain Batman and the rest on how to revive Superman

“Love this idea. The motherbox explains how Kryptonians are essentially solar batteries when around a yellow sun and that they can appear dead but actually just be in low power/hibernation mode waiting to be recharged. Bruce then gets the idea of essentially putting Supes in a amped up tanning bed and tells Alfred that there’s a chance he could come back (but it’s not guaranteed since he was so badly wounded by Doomsday). He steals the body, puts him under extreme solar radiation in a new suit, and we wait. Supes is recharged, wakes up, and flies to Alfred because he’s the nearest friendly person available.”

The rest of that theory goes on to suggest that Superman would make a perfect comeback by visiting the scene of battle and helping the League fight back. Witnessing the Man of Steel fight go up against Steppenwolf or his forces of Parademons would surely restore hope among the rest of the superheroes and help them push back.

In DC Comics, it was revealed that the motherboxes are “living computers” capable of doing more than creating Parademons and opening boom tubes. The above theory is a likely possibility for fans to consider. We can hope to find the answer on November 17th when the film hits theaters.

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