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Fans Demand Zack Snyder’s Cut of ‘Justice League’; Cinematographer Fabian Wagner Supports

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Fans Demand Zack Snyder’s Cut of ‘Justice League’; Cinematographer Fabian Wagner Supports

Justice League fans have launched a petition on, demanding the release of Snyder’s cut of JL on Blu-ray. Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner too expressed his disappointment over the cuts in the film and wished that the director’s cut would come out soon.

Some of Zack Snyder’s deleted scenes from the film Justice League got leaked online and fans were left wondering how different the movie would have turned out if they were not cut. The online petition demanding the director’s cut on Blu-ray has passed 75,000 signatures, as of today, according to Batman News.

As soon as Zack Snyder gave up his directorial responsibilities due to personal grievances (demise of his daughter), Warner Bros. brought Joss Whedon to helm and re-write the script of Justice League. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara apparently insisted that the film must not be longer than two hours. Talking to Hollywood Reporter, JL cinematographer Fabian Wagner opened up about the cuts and what he thought about it.

“This one was even shorter than I expected, so there are scenes that aren’t in there. I really hope we get to see a director’s cut, which will give us everything that we shot that didn’t make it in,” Wagner said. “What I love about his [Snyder’s] director’s cuts is they are long, but he takes his time to tell the story. I’ve never watched any of his directors cut and thought ‘This is long.” Whether they are three hours long, or three hours and ten minutes, they always seemed to go quick,” said Wagner.

Unfortunately, Wagner could not be part of the re-shoot due to scheduling issues, and that’s how photographer Jean-Philippe Gossart took over as cinematographer for the re-shoot. A lot has been speculated about all the scenes that were re-shot. However, Wagner thought that it was good to have Gossart on the team. “He and I had been talking about what we’ve been doing, and he knew some of the style we’ve been going for,” says Wagner. “It was great to have someone I know and who knew the film beforehand and could come in and give it continuity,” said Fabian Wagner.

If the petition keeps going, there is a likelihood of an absolute new cut of Justice League on home video, especially if Warner Bros. is convinced that there is a lot of money to earn from that.

Source: Hollywood Reporter




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