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Fans react to Moon Knight Episode 1 CGI, Arthur’s powers from Ammit tattoo of scales explained & more

Fans react to Moon Knight Episode 1 CGI, Arthur’s powers from Ammit tattoo of scales explained & more

Moon Knight Episode 1 has certainly set the new Disney Plus series starring Oscar Isaac to a good start, with higher praises than recent MCU shows like Hawkeye. Starting right off with Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow and his dangerous abilities linked to Egyptian goddess Ammit. Let’s break down the new villain’s mysterious ‘monster-summoning’ abilities and take a look at fan reactions.

Warning: The article contains major spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 1

Khonsu, Finding Nemo and Avatar or was it Avatar the Last Airbender? That’s quite a few references for the first episode of Moon Knight though MCU fans are delightfully sharing them as spoilers without context. Reactions so far are overwhelmingly positive yet CGI sequences that seem rushed and unfinished have caught many fans’ attention. The car chase scene’s visual effects featuring Isaac’s Steven Grant and Marc Spector are noticeably rough. But fortunately, the series’ gripping storyline has fans’ interest peaked. Readers can check out reactions below.

While Moon Knight is yet to explore the events that gave Marc his superhuman Khonshu-powered abilities– Arthur Harrow’s god-like prowess playing Judge, Jury and Executioner with his followers is the main topic explored in Episode 1. In fact, Arthur is shown judging one of the cultists with his tattoo of scales.

For context, the tattoo displays Ammit’s judgment and checks a person’s past as well as future intentions before passing her sentence. The scale comparable to the scales held by Lady Justice tips one side with green vibrancy indicating innocence while the red color of the other side means the individual has committed wrong-doings and will have their life sucked out of them. Though it seems Harrow’s powers also emerge from the crocodile-headed cane since he holds it and swings it like a pendulum while judging an individual. It could be argued the artifact contains magic since he also summons an Anubis-like creature in the end.

Speaking of creatures, Moon Knight Episode 1 ends with an intense nail-biting action scene when a werewolf-type monster attacks Steven in the museum. Surprisingly, the mild-mannered gift-shop employee plays an Uno reverse card and lets Marc’s Moon Knight persona take over and knocks out or worse kills the monster. At first look, it seems like Anubis the Jackal, a character prominent in Moon Knight’s lore from Marvel comics. It remains to be seen if it was in fact the creature or a guardian serving Ammit.

Moon Knight Episode 2 will premiere next Wednesday on Disney Plus.




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