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Fantastic Four fans weigh in on Penn Badgley for Reed Richards role rumor

Fantastic Four fans weigh in on Penn Badgley for Reed Richards role rumor

With Marvel Studios zeroing in on Matt Shakman to helm Fantastic Four, Kevin Feige may be looking at actor Penn Badgley for Reed Richards, according to a recent rumor mill. The character was portrayed by The Office star John Krasinski in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness but it seems like Earth 616’s, the main timeline will feature a different version of Mr. Fantastic and fans are already weighing their thoughts.

It’s looking increasingly likely the studio might announce some of the cast of Marvel’s first family feature during the upcoming D23 expo and one of those casting reveals could include Badgley being called out on stage as MCU’s Mr. Fantastic or that’s what recent insider rumblings had indicated. The news comes from Devin Faraci, ex Editor-in-chief of “Birth. Movies. Death” speaking on Marvelvision Podcast (via: about his hope to see a black Reed Richards.

“I’ve long been stumping for a Black Reed Richards. I think John David Washington would be an incredible Reed Richards, I mean I’ve been stumping for this forever, and I’m not going to get it. I’m not going to get a Black Reed either. [Reed Richards] is going to be very traditional, is my guess.” During this discussion, Faraci went on to claim Marvel Studios was in discussion with white actors to play Mr. Fantastic.

“The guys that [Marvel Studios] been talking to about it are all white guys. That guy [Penn Badgley] from the show You, who probably has the role already, frankly, he’s a white guy. They’re going with the standard… And he’s terrific, by the way, that’s a good choice. But, they’re going very classical.”

Before jumping ahead, PursueNews spotted an update from Devin Faraci via his official Twitter account where he backtracked his statement suggesting his source was “Reddit and gut instinct, nothing more”. Readers can check it out below.

Still, it hasn’t stopped fans from weighing in their two cents on the You star possibly playing Marvel Cinematic Universe’s smartest man alive.

Badgley is well-known for his recent role in Netflix’s You and is a growing name in Hollywood. Unfortunately, it remains unclear if Badgley was indeed approached for the Fantastic Four role, or was it just another baseless rumor? Hopefully, the real answer is made public sooner rather than later.

Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theatres on November 8, 2024.




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