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Fantastic Four movie reportedly set in past & shares similarities to Captain America, MCU fans react to Dev Patel on shortlist for Reed Richards & more

Fantastic Four movie reportedly set in past & shares similarities to Captain America, MCU fans react to Dev Patel on shortlist for Reed Richards & more

Marvel Studios’ casting for Fantastic Four continues to be a hot topic in the film discussion space. Names like Vanessa Kirby, Joesph Quinn, Dev Patel, Jack Quaid, and Adam Driver (Yes, still) are being thrown around for reportedly being on the shortlist for Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Johnny Storm and The Thing. But another interesting detail claims the film will not take place in the modern day.

It’s been a long and arduous process for Marvel in finding the right actors to portray their live-action Fantastic Four characters. The auditions kicked off sometime in late February 2023 and although the studio apparently came close to signing a deal with A-listers like Margot Robbie & Adam Driver – talks broke off in the final stage for various reasons.

Marvel once again resumed their search just prior to the Actors Strike and details regarding the stars that were approached for the Fantastic Four roles have begun to surface. One such interesting scoop, though not related to the casting process indicates that Marvel’s first family feature will take place in the past.

According to insider Grace Randolph, Fantastic Four is reportedly set in the 1960s. Before you wonder how Marvel would address their presence in a modern-day setting – the superheroes “will be sent out of time similar to Captain America.”

If true, perhaps Hank Pym, Howard Stark and other renowned scientists of the time may have knowledge of the Fantastic Four’s existence. Nonetheless, readers are urged to take this with a grain of salt.

In the matter of F4’s casting – It should be noted although actors are not allowed to negotiate contracts for upcoming projects due to the SAG-AFTRA strike – there have been speculations that representatives for the artists have been discussing with studios. In fact, Above the Line’s Jeff Sneider, who broke the report on Joseph Quinn being eyed for Johnny Storm, says otherwise.

“Just because actors can’t act doesn’t mean agents can’t agent. They aren’t on strike and they’re the ones who actually negotiate, not the actors… let’s not be naive here.” In any case, actors will not be able to sign contracts until the Actors Strike resolves.

Meanwhile, many fans are entertaining the idea of Dev Patel playing Reed Richards. But with a few sources like MTTSH and Randolph indicating that Driver is still being courted by Marvel Studios for the role – fans have not lost hope in the Star Wars actor portraying Mr. Fantastic.

Patel has been fan cast for the role too but the Green Knight star but since 2010’s The Last Airebender‘s abysmal result, the actor has stepped away from participating in blockbuster projects.

For Johnny Storm, a rumor that Jack Quaid was approached for the role had fans in favor of the casting. Unfortunately, Quaid quickly dismissed the rumor, “Nope. Not playing Johnny Storm. But hey I’m flattered.” and rather offered a voice for the SAG-AFTRA foundation.

Even so, Grace Randolph shared an interesting development to the rumor claiming Jack Quaid is in Fantastic Four but “he’s just not playing Johnny Storm!”. In the case of Ben Grimm/The Thing, Sneider says Marvel has already cast the role but an actor’s name was not shared.




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