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Fear The Walking Dead Will Make Way For More TWD Crossover

Still of Morgan from The Walking Dead/ Courtesy to AMC

Fear The Walking Dead Will Make Way For More TWD Crossover

Following The Walking Dead Season 8 finale, fans must prepare themselves to see their favorite characters return to Fear the Walking Dead for an epic crossover. Fans know that post All-Out-War conclusion, Lennie James’ Morgan will be migrating to Fear The Walking Dead to join the Clark family. However, he is not the only character crossing over to FTWD.

On Sunday, the official Walking Dead Twitter account shared a post teasing the crossover. It revealed that there is another The Walking Dead character appearing on the spinoff.

Wait, did we say Morgan’s the only character from #TheWalkingDead crossing over to #FearTWD? Because he’s not,” read the caption with a poster featuring characters from both the AMC series.

While we still don’t know which character will be crossing over along with Morgan, several media outlets are speculating the involvement of characters like Norman Reedus’ Daryl, Corey Hawkins’ Heath and Lauran Cohan’s Maggie. However, details remain under the wraps and there is still no hints about who along with Morgan will be making an appearance on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4.

Meanwhile, speaking to Deadline, The Walking Dead executive producer Scott M. Gimple revealed that there are many more crossover surprises are in store for both the franchise series.

I guess it’s sort of related for Fear for me too. For Fear, as the crossover occurs, I hope that it whets people’s appetites,” Gimple said. “I hope that it makes them hungry for more Fear and are intrigued by both the returning and new characters. I hope that the people who have been watching that show still see what they love in the show, which I think are the characters. I hope that they are intrigued with these new characters, that they want to know more about them and they really like the way that they see the OGs interact with Morgan, who is an OG himself, and the new characters.”

The Walking Dead Season 8 concluded tonight with Rich defeating Negan and leaving him alive to honor Carl’s last wish. In the end, Rick is seen reading his own letter to his son where he vows to move forward to a better and new world. Meanwhile, Daryl pledges to show Rick that he was wrong to do what he did. And Morgan starts a new journey leaving Alexandria behind.

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