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‘The Flash’: Barry Allen Will Have A Lot To Deal In Season 4, Details

Still of Barry Allen as the speedster in The Flash TV series/Facebook

‘The Flash’: Barry Allen Will Have A Lot To Deal In Season 4, Details

Barry Allen has gone through a lot since turning into the fastest man alive in The CW’s The Flash. But it looks like being imprisoned in the Speed Force after the events that occurred in season 3 finale has finally got through the speedster for the good.

[Warning: This article contains minor spoilers from The Flash season 4]

EW’s Fall TV Preview special double issue contained conversations with the show’s cast and EP Andrew Kreisberg. Going by their comments, it looks like Barry Allen will face several challenges in season 4 as he goes through his own changes and handles his personal crisis with Iris and tries to bring balance to the team at S.T.A.R Labs.

“The experience in the Speed Force was a bit of a baptism for him,” said EP Andrew Kreisberg. “His experience in there has really washed away a lot of his sins, cleansed him of his doubts, fears and guilts, and he really loves being the Flash again.”

While Barry Allen’s return is the glimmering hope the team at S.T.A.R Labs have been waiting for, it doesn’t make the speedster’s life any easier. Furthermore, In The Flash’s absence, Candice Patton’s Iris stepped up to lead the team putting aside her heartbreak. But after his return, it looks like she has a bone to pick with her fiance.

“She’s devastated that Barry’s gone,” Explained Patton. “She feels a little bit betrayed, too, that it was a decision that he made on his own.”

Fortunately, fans don’t have to be concerned as the upcoming season is aimed to go with a lighter tone. Although the team will go through several odds, there will moments that bring out the comedy in the series, situations such as Barry and Iris going to “couples therapy” to work out their issues.  Here’s what the actress had to say about it at the Heroes & Villains Fanfest in New Jersey (via:

“This season… we’re getting a little more light hearted and funny,” Patton said. “Barry, once he comes back from the Speed Force, Barry and Iris have to go to couples therapy and kind of work through those issues. So there’s some really funny stuff coming up.” Readers can also check out the video below.

The Flash Season 4 premieres Oct. 10 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

Source: EW




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