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The Flash: Billy Crudrup “Super Stoked” To Work With Ezra Again, Not Backing Out!

The Flash: Billy Crudrup “Super Stoked” To Work With Ezra Again, Not Backing Out!

The Flash has been one of the most concerned projects under Warner Bros. The film has faced many setbacks and currently has no director without an official release date. But that doesn’t seem to be the problem anymore.

Currently, Warner Bros. has narrowed down three directors and could soon finalize to make an offer to anyone of them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only news that made the rounds around the internet.

Entertainment Weekly shocked DCEU fans by publishing a report which stated that Billy Crudup had also backed out of the project. The news went on to cause an outcry on the internet. Fortunately, THR soon published another report confirming that the actor hadn’t dropped out from the film.

The actor plays as Henry Allen, father to Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash. Crudup has already made his debut appearance starring as the supporting character in the upcoming Justice League. The film releases on November 17th this year.

Crudup has been tied to the film since last September. Although the speedster project has faced setbacks, the actor has kept himself busy by starring in other films. Crudup has played a prominent role Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant which is currently in theaters.

Earlier this month, Crudup was part of the press junket for the promotion of Alien: Covenant. During his interview with HeyUGuys, the actor also spoke about playing as Ezra Miller’s father in the DCEU.

Crudup spoke about how he already had the chance to work with Miller in The Stanford Prison Experiment. Moreover, he revealed that he’s “super stoked” to get a chance to work with him again. Fans can check it out below at 4:50.

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