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The Flash: Here Is Why Robert Zemeckis May Not Helm The Speedster Film

The Flash: Here Is Why Robert Zemeckis May Not Helm The Speedster Film

Earlier this week, DCEU fans were treated with exciting news as it was revealed that Robert Zemeckis is in talks to direct The Flash film. The scoop came from Screen Junkies and was initially well received among fans.

Since then, other CBM journalists have jumped in to criticize or discuss the news. It also divided fans and was soon considered to be a rumor suggested to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The Wrap Journalist Umberto Gonzalez jumped in early to clarify that Zemeckis just “took a meeting” with Warner Bros. and wasn’t in talks to direct the standalone film. Furthermore, he also stated that the studio had met with other directors as well.

Recently, Gonzalez tweeted new information which suggests that Zemeckis might be unavailable to direct the DC film. The Wrap journalist pointed out that the Back to the Future director will begin production with Steve Carell’s Marwencol this summer which releases on November 21st, 2018. Tweeted is embedded below.

Going by the announcement, it looks like Zemeckis’s schedule might not allow him to take on the speedster film unless Warner Bros plans on delaying the project and set its release after 2018. Currently, it doesn’t seem like that’s viable option.

We can assure fans that Zemeckis, in fact, met Warner Bros. to discuss The Flash project. The news was also confirmed by Forbes Contributor Mark Hughes on the recent episode by Superhero News. Fans can check out the video below. However, as Screen Junkies said, he is not in “talks” to direct the film yet.

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