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‘The Flash’ Season 4: Fans React To Joe West’s [SPOILER] News From Episode 3

Still of Joe West From The Flash/ The CW

‘The Flash’ Season 4: Fans React To Joe West’s [SPOILER] News From Episode 3

The Flash is hinting at the arrival of a new character. The West family is going to get bigger and Barry Allen is going to become an uncle. The Flash Season 4, episode 3 “Luck Be a Lady” introduced a major twist in West family’s personal life.

The article contains spoilers to the show’s season 4 episode 3

During an argument about the West house, Joe West’s girlfriend Cecile dropped a huge bombshell and revealed that she is pregnant. A plumbing issue led to an argument between the couple. Cecile suggested that they move out of the family home and find a better place. At first, Joe was not too thrilled with the idea and is reluctant to move out of the house where he raised Iris and Wally.

Just when Joe tells Cecile that it is time they look for a new home, Cecile has a change of heart. Joe is stunned to find out the reason why Cecile wants to continue living in Wests’ family home.

“You told me that you couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise your kids, and it made me look at this house with new eyes,” Cecile tells Joe. “Especially after I found out… Joe, I’m pregnant.”

Cecile’s pregnancy is expected to change a lot of things for Barry and his team. Several media outlets are speculating that becoming an uncle to West’s child may bring changes in Barry’s priorities and mission. He must protect the unborn from everything dangerous.

Meanwhile, the show is yet to reveal Barry and Iris’ reaction to the big news. It will be interesting to see how other characters react to the unexpected news. While Cecile is quite excited, Joe looked shocked.

Fans will have to wait for a while to see how things turn out when West family welcomes its newest members.  but it looks like the gang won’t have a lot of time to digest the news as they’ll have new meta to deal with in episode 4.

Meanwhile, fans had some fun reactions to the big bombshell. Scroll down to see how Twitter reacted to Joe West and Cecile’s pregnancy news.

The Flash Season 4 airs Tuesdays on The CW. More updates and information are expected soon.




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