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The Flash Season 4: Violett Beane Says Flashtime Is Less About ‘Freezing Time’

Still of Jesse Quick from The Flash/ The CW

The Flash Season 4: Violett Beane Says Flashtime Is Less About ‘Freezing Time’

The Flash Season 4 is set to debut action-packed episode 15 featuring not one, not two, but a trio of speedsters. The next chapter of the series will see the return of Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick for a dangerous mission.

The upcoming episode is titled “Enter Flashtime” and it will see the show explore the concept in depth. As revealed before, the trio will join hands to save Central City from nuclear destruction and work in super-speed mode while the rest of the world appears standstill. Recently, Barry used Flashtime in the courtroom to prevent Iris from revealing his true identity to the world.

In an interview with TV Line, Violett Beane previewed her role in the upcoming episodes of The Flash and talked about her return to Legends of Tomorrow. The actress revealed that she returns to Earth-1 after receiving an Apology Cube from her father. At this point, she gets pulled into the Flashtime experiment which starts when they discover a nuclear bomb in Central City downtown.

In the interview, Beane explained the concept and revealed that the episode actually lasts for about 10 seconds for the non-speedsters of Central City. The episode will be previewed from speedsters from point of view.

“It’s essentially that we are running so quickly that everything else is standing still,” Beane explains. “It’s less about “freezing time” and more that our bodies and thoughts are moving so quickly that we’re able to essentially freeze time. And basically the whole episode is in Flashtime. It’s Barry and Jesse and eventually Jay [Garrick, played by John Wesley Shipp] trying to figure out how to stop this bomb. We think through a few different ways, and while this all happens over the course of a whole episode, it really transpires over 10 seconds in real time, maybe? It’s cool.”

In addition, the actress revealed, that there will be some touching moment between Jesse and her father. At the same time, the show will reveal the reason why Harry sent Jesse an Apology Cube.

Quick will also be visiting Wally West on Legends of Tomorrow. The two will reunite on March 19 episode that will see them together in a room.

There’s a bit of that…. You see Wally and Jesse together in a room, and things are not what you expect them to be. And… that’s about all I can say! [Laughs] It’s going to be cool and, I think, pretty surprising for the audience,” Beane said of her appearance on Legends of Tomorrow.

The Flash Season 4 airs Wednesdays on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 airs Mondays. Stay tuned for more updates and information.

Source: TV Line via Screen Rant




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