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‘Flashpoint’: Script Update Assures Steady Progress In Project, Details

Still of The Flash from Justice League trailer

‘Flashpoint’: Script Update Assures Steady Progress In Project, Details

Earlier during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that DCEU’s speedster project is still in progress and its title was revealed as Flashpoint. Since then, fans have been waiting to hear some updates on the standalone film as it stood without a director and a page-one rewrite in progress by writer Joby Harold. Fortunately, there’s finally an update.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll recently tweeted that Harold has turned in his script to Warner Bros. He also confirmed that the search for a director is still ongoing but the studio is “in no rush to make announcement.” Adding to that, fans would be delighted to know that Robert Zemeckis is still in consideration but Warner Bros. is also open to searching for other directors.

For those unaware, earlier in May, it was revealed that Zemeckis and a few others were shortlisted by the studio during their search for a director to helm Flashpoint. It was stated that the Back to the Future director was a frontrunner and the studio’s top choice.

While Zemeckis’ would be perfect to helm the project, the director’s schedule may play a crucial role in whether he’d get to direct the DCEU film. Currently, it all stands with the studio’s decision.

Flashpoint is scheduled to release on December 13th, 2019. Recently, a report from Deadline confirmed that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman appearance in the speedster film.

The Flash will be played by Ezra Miller whose already made cameo appearances as the speedster in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Later this year, the fastest man alive will make his long screen appearance in Justice League releasing on November 17th.

Who do you think should helm the project? Let me know in the comments below. For more updates on Flashpoint and other DCEU stories,  follow Pursue News on Facebook and Twitter. Readers can also follow me on my social media accounts for the latest scoops.




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