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Marie and Kate in Gen V episode 5 after their intimate bed scene, Giant Cricket, Rufus, Jordan Li

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‘Framing Rufus’: Gen V episode 5 fans react to Cate wiping her friends’ memories, Marie kissing Jordan Li, Emma forgetting Sam & more

‘Framing Rufus’: Gen V episode 5 fans react to Cate wiping her friends’ memories, Marie kissing Jordan Li, Emma forgetting Sam & more

Gen V episode 5 drops the bomb on the truth behind Cate’s relationship with Luke (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and the influence of Dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn), all in an effort to wipe Golden Boy’s memories of his brother. The 35-minute (minus the credits) short episode addresses how Marie (Jaz Sinclair) & Jordan (London Thor/Derek Luh) ended up in bed together after presuming they were just involved in an all-night bender. In addition, we also learn of the aftermath of episode 4’s cliffhanger ending after Emma a.k.a Giant Cricket (Lizze Broadway) constraints Sam (Asa Germann). Here’s a recap of moments that stood out from this week’s episode.

Cate Dunlap was the traitor all along though Gen V episode 5 does not necessarily suggest she supports Godolkin and Vought’s horrifying experiments conducted in The Woods. The latest segment begins right where it left off, with Marie & Jordan confused over how they ended up getting intimate in bed while struggling to recollect their memories.

Cate manages to frame Rufus (Alexander Calvert) for the entire ordeal until she is forced to once again wipe Marie’s memories. Luckily, Emma’s curiosity leads her to the Drive-in where she learns from Sam that Cate is responsible for erasing all their memories.

Episode 5 also offered a glimpse of Sam’s POV that further explains how Compound V has altered his perception. Sam is forced to engage a group of gun-wielding special operatives at his temp hide-out but from his point of view, they appear as puppets.

On the bright side, Emma’s Giant Cricket moment plays out in her favor by cracking through the Top 100, “I jumped to 88”. It’s one of the best turnouts, especially after the traumatic incidents Emma faced from Justine over the tell-all video on her Purging and her mother’s toxic hold on her life.

Amidst the tension among the group over their memory gap – Gen V episode 5 still offered some light-hearted exchange, like the trivia on Marie being able to sense when Emma’s period begins. There’s more to her blood manipulation power than what has been explored so far. Even Dr. Cardosa seems to suggest she could be on par with The Seven in terms of power level, “She doesn’t understand how powerful she really is.”

Can Marie take on Homelander? she’d certainly be a force to reckon against in battling the strongest Supe but the bigger question is Marie’s benefactor who has her strictly off-limits from being used as a test subject for The Woods experiments.

Marie and Jordan Li’s miscommunication trope moments and the two characters growing closer to each other was the highlight of Gen V episode 5, going by fans’ reaction to X. The video clip of Marie and Jordan kissing each other at Dusty’s house party is the most discussed scene as stans hope to see their relationship grow in upcoming episodes.

Andre (Chance Perdomo) has also won over some Gen V’s viewers after witnessing him jump into action to hold Rufus accountable for sexually assaulting Cate. However, Rufus is the least of the group’s worries at the moment. Can they stop Dean Shetty and her dangerous underground experiment from claiming more innocent students? Tune in next week on Friday when Gen V episode 6 airs on Prime Video.




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