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FX’s Legion Season 3 Filming In November, Working Title Is CH3, Location Revealed

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FX’s Legion Season 3 Filming In November, Working Title Is CH3, Location Revealed

FX’s Legion season 2 finale ended on a nail-biting note with its surprising plot twist that Dan Stevens’ David Haller, the powerful telekinetic, telepathic mutant is really the villain. It’s still a mystery what fans can expect from the upcoming season but the show creators are ready to go into production later this year.

A recent listing from Production Weekly has revealed that Legion season 3 will begin filming on November 27 in Los Angeles where the last season was also shot. Season 3 also has a new working title which is “CH3” along with “Clubhouse”.

Filming of season 3 is expected to go on till March 26. It still does not have a premiere date assigned yet and neither do we know if fans’ will be getting more episodes in the upcoming season.

Season 1 consisted of eight episodes while the next season added 3 more hour-long long episodes making it a total of 11 for season 2. But the showrunner also expressed his opinion that a 60-minute episode is too long and that even he finds himself wandering off when watching long episodes. Perhaps, there’s a possibility that the runtime could be reduced in Season 3.

Back in August, it came to fans’ attention that showrunner Noah Hawley had prepared 4 scripts for Season 3. Though we know nothing about it, Hawley has shared some details on what fans’ can expect from the series.

Hawley had said in an interview with EW that Syd is the hero of the show. It also prompted the question if Legion season 3 would concentrate more on Syd and Hawley did agree stating, “Yeah. On the level that it’s their story, I think she should always be front and center.”

It also looks like the Disney-Fox merger deal isn’t going to be affecting this series in any way. Even showrunner Hawley had stated earlier that it has been business as usual.

I don’t think that was a concern. I think there’s always a question as to if the merger goes through and Marvel has direct control over the X-Men, as to what’s gonna happen both on the film and TV sides, it’s sort of a big unknown. But, obviously, the Disney merger isn’t a done deal. I think it’s us operating as business as usual. We’re just going to make the things we want to make until somebody tells us to stop.”

Source: Production Weekly




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