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Gal Gadot Almost Quit Acting Career, Says Zack Snyder Saved Her With Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot Almost Quit Acting Career, Says Zack Snyder Saved Her With Wonder Woman

Earlier, Gal Gadot and the rest of the team that worked on Wonder Woman were in china for its big premiere. Fans were surprised to know that Zack Snyder had also attended the event.

For those unaware, Wonder Woman story was co-written by Snyder and was later scripted by Allan Heinberg. The director certainly played an important role in the making of the standalone film. But did you know that he is also the man that stopped Gadot from quitting her acting career?

Recently, Gadot was part of a panel discussion in China to promote Wonder Woman. During her chat, the actress revealed that she had almost quit her acting career.

Gadot went on to say that her decision to quit was due to many “almost”- suggesting her not-so-successful career before she bagged the superhero role. Moreover, she also pointed out that rejections also played a role in her decision to step away from acting.

“So, I almost decided to quit acting. But Mr. Zack Snyder saved my career,” said Gadot as the crowd cheered.

Gadot revealed that she was in Los Angeles with her husband when she faced career crisis. But later, the actress had an audition with Snyder but had no idea that she was auditioning to play as Wonder Woman.

After another visit to LA for a screen test with Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot received a call from Snyder that saved her acting career. Readers can listen to the actress share her full story of how she got the part in the video below. Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2nd.

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