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Gal Gadot Training For Wonder Woman Was Tougher Than Israel Military Training

Gal Gadot Training For Wonder Woman Was Tougher Than Israel Military Training

Gal Gadot and the entire cast of Wonder Woman went through intense training for their part in the film. Unlike other movies, the actors were required to learn several techniques such as horseback riding as they each played a warrior role.

Recently, Gal Gadot was on Kelly and Ryan show to talk about Wonder Woman. During her chat, the actress was asked about her training regime for the film.

While we all knew that the actress went through rigorous training and workout to play her part, it looks like it was even tougher than her Israel Military training. According to Gadot, “It was a lot more intensive in this one.” Fans can watch her talk about it in the video below.

For those unaware, Gadot served as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces before starting her career in acting. Serving the military is mandatory in the country for both genders over the age of 18.

Due to Gadot’s background in the military, the actress is quite known for her knowledge of military weapons and for performing her own stunts. However, it looks like preparing for her role in Wonder Woman required more intensity than her military training.

Fans will get to see Gadot’s hard work through jaw-dropping action sequences featuring the actress as the superhero in the upcoming Wonder Woman. The film releases on June 2nd.

In more WW news, Gadot and Lynda Carter were reunited at the L.A premiere of Wonder Woman. Both actresses shared their love for one another. Moreover, Carter also spoke about passing on the torch to Gadot. Fans can watch the video below.

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