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Game of Thrones: Here’s What Went Down During Filming of Season Finale

Official still of Daenerys from Game of Thrones season 7

Game of Thrones: Here’s What Went Down During Filming of Season Finale

Earlier last month, A report from EW revealed that they visited the set of Game of Thrones during the filming of the season finale. Recently, the news organization published the full feature in the latest magazine issue.

The feature contains conversations with cast members, producers and director Jeremy Podeswa from the set during filming breaks. While the finale episode was indeed one of the most anticipated and Breath holding moments for the fans, it wasn’t so serious for the people on set.

Once Director Podeswa shouted cut, the environment changed unlike what fans would have expected. Going by the feature, it would have been quite hilarious and a crowd pleasing moment to watch.

Lena Headey’s Cersei Lannister who hates Jon Snow (stand corrected: Aegon Targaryen) quite as much as Daenerys offered her crown to the King in the North to try it on. While that would everything a GOT fan would expect to see, there were other moments that made the entire cast break out in laughter.

Conleth Hill’s Varys decided to get some action when he pretended to “hump a pole” and break the silence among cast members.  Another actor who was unnamed due to the fact he promised to put an end to his smoking habit. But on lighting the cigarette, Emila Clarke (plays as Daenerys Targaryen) decided to start chanting the famous words, “Shame, shame shame..” persuading other actors to go along as well.

Peter Dinklage also had his fun by quoting some lines from Anchorman. “The Human Torch was denied a bank loan. I love Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, Scotch…” said the actor.

Co-showrunner Dan Weiss also shared some details about the filming aspect and things that went down during the production of The Dragon and the Wolf. Here’s what he had to say.

“Getting everybody together under extreme pressure is very interesting to us,” said Weiss. “We found this coliseum- which is so stunning even without special effects-and wanted you to feel it was stripped down with a scene that was nothing but the people who are gathered here.”

Even the process of filming Game of Thrones season finale was quite different from what was usually practiced. While actors are normally asked to be in their trailers after filming their part, it wasn’t the case with this episode.

All cast members were kept on the same platform for the filming of most shots. “In the past when characters are brought together for the first time, it creates an electrical charge; this is that times 10,” said the director.

Going by the feature, it looks like the filming of Game of Thrones season finale was indeed a party for the cast members. Witnessing the union of these characters was indeed a savoring moment. But fans might have noticed that few of the character didn’t have a lot of dialogues.

Gwendoline Christie (plays as Brienne of Tarth) was certainly one of them. But her character’s reaction to the entire event was quite different from what fans felt. Even at the moment when Daenerys lands on the coliseum with her dragon. “She’s thinking, ‘Nice ride!’” said the actress.

As fans, we can only hope that these incidents are part of the Behind-the-scenes. Game of Thrones’s final season 8 is expected to air in 2019. The cast will come together and being productions in October. Fans can grab the latest issue to read the entire feature.

Source: EW




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