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Gen V episode 2 teases Homelander’s consequence for killing protestor, fans react to Marie taking credit for Golden boy’s death, Justine backstabbing Little Cricket & more

Gen V episode 2 teases Homelander’s consequence for killing protestor, fans react to Marie taking credit for Golden boy’s death, Justine backstabbing Little Cricket & more

Vought’s Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) & Godolkin U’s Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) are up to no good in Gen V episode 2. While the follow-up segment is low on gore, it’s still quick to offer discretion over its questionable self-harm depicting scenes, a clear indicator to expect Marie’s (Jaz Sinclair) blood manipulation and Emma’s (Lizze Broadway) anatomy-shrinking powers in action. Meanwhile, episode 2 also offers a clue into the outcome of The Boys season 3 finale and digs deeper into the mysterious facility that appears to be behind Golden Boy’s (Patrick Schwarzenegger) cover-up. Here’s a recap of the best moments according to fans on social media.

Warning: The article contains spoilers for Gen V episode 2

Much like in The Boys fashion, the death of the young Supe Golden Boy is swept under the rug in Gen V episode 2. Marie & Andre (Chance Perdomo) make the most out of the tragic outcome, making her the first First Freshman ever to be ranked in the top ten at Godolkin University while Andre rises to the first spot. Though the real savior of the day, Jordan Li (London Thor/Derek Luh) is sidelined in a clear case of sexual discrimination, “Oh, a bigender Asian with pronoun fuckery,” says Ashley.

Speaking of Ashley, another character from The Boys series makes a rather comedic appearance. Director Adam Bourke (P.J. Byrne) is an acting teacher for the freshman in Gen V episode 2, the consequence of showing “his dick to Minka Kelly” has him spending time in director jail. And since “consequences” is on the topic, a news flash scene briefly shifts the focus to the finale events of The Boys season 3, particularly on Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) and Homelander (Antony Starr).

Neuman’s campaign with Robert Singer remains unaffected which signals her assured path to becoming the Vice President of the U.S. However, since Homelander has blood on his hands from killing a protestor at the end of The Boys’ season 3 finale – The Seven’s leader may be facing a harsher hurdle to overcome in season 4, “Homelander on Trial?” the headline on NNC says.

Jaz Sinclair’s Marie continues to rake up more supporters though Jordan Li has also come up as a fan-favorite. Interestingly, the two are pitted against each other after Marie decides not to reveal the truth behind Jordan Li’s involvement in stopping Golden Boy. But it’s clear Indira Shetty is pulling the strings, arguably manipulating Marie from the information she learns about her sister.

Gen V episode 2 hits on the manipulative nature of its characters in more than one instance and Emma is sadly at the brunt of it. Emma is lured into sharing the truth behind her abilities. But quickly finds out Justine (Maia Jae Bastidas) made a tell-all video detailing her Purging disorder, all in an effort to gain followers.

Gen V episode 2 also hints at a device that could come in handy for Billy Butcher & the gang in hunting Supes. Andre’s journey to uncover the truth behind the facility below puts him at odds with one of the security personnel cleaning up the dirt left behind at Prof. Rich Brinkerhoff’s office.

It’s revealed Supes have a wider range of hearing than normal humans and all it takes is a device emitting a louder frequency to incapacitate an enhanced individual like Andre. Luckily, Cate (Maddie Phillips) comes to the rescue but passes out from a seizure after pushing the limits of her Mind Control ability. Luckily, viewers don’t need to fret over episode 2’s cliffhanger since Gen V episode 3 is available to stream on Prime Video.




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