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Gen V episode 4 fans react to Marie & Jordan Li’s hook up, Rufus’ exploding Penis scene, Tek Knight’s dirty secret, Johnny Depp’s DRAVO reference & more

Gen V episode 4 fans react to Marie & Jordan Li’s hook up, Rufus’ exploding Penis scene, Tek Knight’s dirty secret, Johnny Depp’s DRAVO reference & more

The spectacle which transpires after Sam’s (Asa Germann) & Emma’s (Lizze Broadway) escape from The Woods in Gen V episode 4 takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions – from witnessing Marie (Jaz Sinclair) explode Rufus’ Penis to the uncanny ending of finding her sleeping next to Jordan Li (London Thor). The young Supes are clearly risking more than a suspension from Godolkin U, especially considering the rising doubt over Cate (Maddie Phillips) being a mole among them. Here’s a brief recap of the moments that stood out for fans according to social media reactions.

The MarieJordan ship has come to fruition and Gen V fans are over the moon to see their favorite Godolkin Supes paired together. However, that is not all that has Gen V episode 4 viewers flabbergasted. For starters, as teased in the sneak peek – Tek Knight’s (Derek Wilson) debut is another disturbing yet humorous addition to the series that kept us on our toes.

The parodic Batman-esque Supe from Vought arrives with his investigative docu crew at Godolkin Campus. “The Whole Truth with Tek Knight” show seems to be more of a damage control propaganda-churning medium to cover up Vought’s mess. Tek is looking to pin an innocent with blame for Golden Boy’s erratic behavior that led to his death. Surprisingly, not even Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) is safe from being framed for the consequences. Tek’s questioning of the Supes led to a few gasps for viewers, particularly during Andre’s inquiry, “How long have you been eating Golden Boy’s girlfriend’s hole”.

On the topic of repercussions, Gen V continues its tradition of referencing real-world instances and personalities too like Jason Ritter. In episode 4, the creators take a jab at the Johnny DeppAmber Heard controversy. Surprisingly, it looks like The Boys spin-off has taken a side to imply Johnny Depp’s name is synonymous with DARVO, or at least that is the impression to Gen V series viewers.

“I’m gonna Johnny Depp someone so hard they’re gonna want to crawl into a hole and die,” says Tek Knight after acknowledging he’d be using tactics like “Misdirection, obfuscation, Find a Patsy and destroy their life.”

Amidst all the drama over Sam’s escape & Emma being MIA, Gen V episode 4 still finds room to explore the romantic and sexual tension between Marie & Jordan Li. Instances like Jordan stepping in to rescue Marie during her gross encounter with Rufus (Alexander Calvert) and Marie coming clean to Tek on Jordan’s part in stopping Golden Boy amps up their chemistry eventually leading up to their first kiss.

Speaking of Chemistry, Sam may have finally found a loved one to keep him in check, literally. Their interactions during their hide-out at the old drive-in movie place clearly hint the two are made for each other, especially considering their traumatic issues stemming from their Supe abilities. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see Emma can also grow into a Giant, which amplifies her strength to constrain Sam.

While Indira Shetty has more or less been portrayed as the antagonist for the titular ensemble – episode 4 clears this notion to remind us that Vought is the big bad and no one at Godolkin U is safe unless they fall in line. At the moment, Indira manages to catch Tek off guard with a dirty little secret of his own.

Tek Knight is suffering from a brain tumor and it appears the abnormal changes are also the cause of his “unusual proclivity”. Indira shows Tek a compilation of his greatest hits which are a series of cam footage clips showing the Investigative Supe engaging in sexual acts on any circular-shaped objects. Yes, that includes donuts and surprisingly a Skull too.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Cardosa’s (Marco Pigossi) home, Sam barges in to kill him in the hope of ending the onslaught of danger he and his loved ones continue to face. Fortunately, Andre (Chance Perdomo), Jordan (Derek Luh), Marie, Emma & Cate arrive on time to stop Sam. But at the nick moment, an abrupt time jump shows Marie and Jordan Li have hooked up though the events that led up to their sexual encounter remain unclear.

Sam’s fate is unknown but perhaps Cate managed to erase Marie and the rest of the ragtag group’s memories. fans will have to wait till next Thursday night to uncover the truth when Gen V episode 5 streams on Prime Video.




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