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Gen V episode 6 fans react to Andre sleeping with Cate & betraying Golden Boy, Solider Boy’s imaginary friend scene, Indira Shetty developing a contagious Supes virus & more

Gen V episode 6 fans react to Andre sleeping with Cate & betraying Golden Boy, Solider Boy’s imaginary friend scene, Indira Shetty developing a contagious Supes virus & more

Gen V episode 6 brings to light the true intentions of Indira Shetty’s (Shelley Conn) experiments in The Woods facility which is developing a contagious virus with the potential to kill a Supe. However, it’s far from being the only revelation as fans’ favorite Godolkin U Supes are trapped inside Cate’s (Maddie Phillips) mind, revealing their dirty secrets to each other. Here’s a recap of the best moments going by fans’ social media reactions and yes, that certainly includes addressing Soldier Boy’s (Jensen Ackles) cameo as Cate’s imaginary boyfriend.

Gen V stans are not happy about Andre’s secret affair with Cate behind Luke a.k.a Golden Boy’s (Patrick Schwarzenegger) back. Marie (Jaz Sinclair), Andre, Jordan Li (London Thor/Derek Luh) and even Cate have their skeleton in the closet forced out during their journey inside her subconscious. Though it’s fair to say Andre sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend has received the most heated reactions so far.

Gen V episode 6 also claims two Supe lives, Dusty (Andy Walken) is killed by Golden Boy while being trapped in Dunlap’s mind while Betsy dies from the sickness of the virus developed by Dr. Cardosa. It appears Cate is off the meds given by Dean Shetty which constrained the true capacity of her telepathic powers.

Similar to Andre, the gender-swapping Supe gets their reality check as well. Jordan Li’s female version rats out the male version for turning a blind eye during Luke’s breakdown at Professor Brink’s office. Moreover, they also play a part in constraining Golden Boy while remaining complacent after being promoted to TA.

Surprisingly, Gen V fans have come in support of Cate although she was the mole among them. In fact, Marie is able to convince Cate to return to her physical form with them by reminding she is not responsible for the consequences of her powers rather it falls on the predatory parental figures who injected them with Compound V.

Meanwhile, amidst all this tension, Emma (Lizze Broadway) & Sam (Asa Germann) are the only Supes deserving of their brief stakes-free moments. After Emma recovers her lost memories she quickly realizes her bond with Sam and heads to the old drive-in. The two finally get intimate which also has its funny moments, like when Sam sees Emma as a puppet during their sexual encounter.

Over at The Woods, Shetty’s allegiance has come into question with many fans wondering if she’s Team Vought or is rather secretly working to develop a virus to end the reign of Supes. Some stans have also noted Butcher from The Boys would find her a worthy ally in The Boys season 4. However, she could likely be another Victoria Neuman in the making.

Producers of the show have teased that Gen V finale would set up The Boys season 4 so the virus is expected to play a pivotal role. Some are also hinting that Marie’s blood manipulation powers could be a game-changer which would explain the benefactor keeping her safe from being a part of the experiments.

Gen V episode 6 brings our favorite Supes closer to unveiling the truth behind the secret experiments undergoing in Godolkin to the world. But can Marie and the rest take on what lies below all by themselves without consequences? Can Sam’s Homelander-Esque strength come in handy in rescuing the Supes imprisoned in The Woods? The answers lie in Gen V episode 7 airing next Friday on Prime Video.




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